American Farmhouse Style

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Incorporat­e these natural materials into your farmhouse.



It’s no secret that wood is one of the most durable and classic materials for both home constructi­on and design. The best part of having a farmhouse is that you can forgo the impossible battle of obtaining perfection and instead opt for character. Reclaimed wood comes with its own history.


Nothing says country comfort like a glowing fire burning in a stone fireplace. Although brick fireplaces are often cheaper, stone will save you time and energy in the long run, as it’s easier to clean than brick.

3. CLAY.

Whether it’s a finishing material like bathroom tile or a décor accessory like a ceramic vase on a bookshelf, clay is a beautiful and simple natural material to highlight in your home. Clay is timeless, beautifull­y imperfect and durable. You can even use untreated clay, like terra cotta.

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