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KITCHEN AND BATHROOM RENOVATION­S LOOK DIFFERENT RIGHT NOW because of the huge shipping delays and labor shortages in the home building industry. I’ve experience­d renovation delays firsthand: My husband and I started a DIY renovation on our primary bathroom in September, and nine months later, we’re finally putting in the finishing touches. Our delays have had a different source though: She’s two feet tall and sucks her thumb. Trying to do DIYs with a baby in tow means my husband and I have had to take turns working on the bathroom while the other one watches our daughter. And you can’t be hammering or using the saw during naptime. But there’s an important lesson in unexpected delays, whatever the source: It takes both patience and persistenc­e to achieve that dream home look. Whether you’ve had countertop­s stuck in a ship off the coast or your new faucet stolen off a train in Los Angeles, don’t give up on your design vision. Because the finished results will be worth it. And sometimes that patience means waiting until you can save up for the house of your dreams, or get the style you want by renovating one room at a time. That’s okay too. I’ve spent the last five years working on updates in my own house, and as my style has come together, the process itself has given me time to get excited, dream about what’s next and enjoy a job well done when we’ve completed a project. In this, our annual kitchens and baths issue, I’m excited about the inspiratio­n and ideas we have for you. Check out the kitchen and bath tour on page 28, as well as a deep dive into cabinets on page 20. We have a couple house tours with great DIYs on pages 46 and 90, and even a few recipes for you to try on page 116 to enjoy your kitchen, even if it’s a work in progress. Don’t forget to check in on our Project House in Minden, Louisiana, on page 106. Spoiler alert: We’re talking asbestos removal and other down-and-dirty aspects of renovation­s and old house problems. I hope you enjoy the issue and that it helps you get one step closer to your dream farmhouse style!


Victoria Van Vlear — Editorial Director

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