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WHAT TO PLANT in May and June

Many summer fruits and vegetables should already be in the ground by now, but here are five key foods to plant in late spring and early summer.


1. BEANS. These will grow quickly so they can wait until the summer months for planting.

2. CARROTS. In areas with frost, plant carrots in late spring for an early fall crop. In areas without frost, you can plant carrots year-round.

3. HERBS. Herbs love the summer months (though watch for heat waves), so May and June are a prime time to spruce up your herb garden.

4. CABBAGE. For any shady areas of your garden, try cabbage. This is one of the easier greens to grow.

5. PEPPERS. These do well when you seed them inside and then transplant outdoors, so if you haven’t started seeds inside, buy seedlings from a local nursery to plant now.

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