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Let us count the ways. Here are the 5 main options for your kitchen cabinets.


• CUSTOM. These cabinets are made exactly for your space, sometimes down to the 1⁄16-inch. “The absolute best you can get is factory-finished custom, with a kitchen designer. But that’s really pricy,” Holly says. And not every “custom” cabinet has equal value. “You can have a person build you custom cabinets out of their garage, but they won’t be as good,” Holly says.

• SEMI-CUSTOM. This slightly less-expensive approach means you still have plenty of sizing options, but they’re based on a pre-set list from the manufactur­er. “Most people will be looking at semi-custom, not custom,” Holly says. The most expensive cabinet options at big box home improvemen­t stores like Home Depot are semi-custom.

• READY-MADE. This means you’re purchasing pre-made cabinets that don’t give you a lot of size options. It will be cheaper, but less…well, custom. “You can get a decent cabinet that’s not that custom that will work pretty well, and use filler strips to make them fit,” Holly says.

• REPURPOSED. This is Holly’s personal preference. “I would go to ReStore and get repurposed cabinets,” she says. “You can buy them cheaper, and the quality will be better than the cheap new ones from a big box store. Cabinets that have survived being ripped out usually have pretty good quality.” Then you can paint them whatever color you want.

• REPAINTED. “The cheapest option is to repaint your cabinets,” Holly says. “A lot more people will be doing that now, because the supply issues are making new cabinets more expensive.” This option is DIY-friendly too, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

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