American Farmhouse Style

A RANGE OF Options

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a range hood. Designer Danielle Steele says you can use almost any material with farmhouse style. “It just depends on how it’s executed,” she says. Here are a few options.


• CHIMNEY-STYLE HOOD. This stainless steel, cost-effective option works well in high-grade kitchens. The look is modern, but also works well in traditiona­l spaces especially when paired with a stainless-steel range.

• PLASTER HOOD. A cost-effective trend, these range hoods begin with a primed wood hood installed on site, then covered in plaster. It’s a way to achieve texture without the high price tag of a custom hood.

• WOOD HOOD. These range hoods can be constructe­d or painted to match cabinets, or can be striking in a contrastin­g color. This is also a good DIY option.

• CUSTOM METAL HOOD. Although it’s often the most expensive option, a custom metal hood can be coated to match cabinets or be its own statement piece in a natural or accent shade.

• CONCEALED HOOD. For a cooktop under a window, a cabinet or soffit can hide a range hood for a modern, streamline­d appearance.

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