American Farmhouse Style


The vintage look is central to Aliya’s European farmhouse style. Check out her top tips for thrifty décor that looks great.


1. BRING IN THE BASKETS. Aliya loves decorating with baskets, especially in the spring and summer. “I like the ones that look like they came out of a Little Women book, or the ones I can visualize someone using in real life,” she says.

2. INCORPORAT­E COPPER. Copper accent pieces are a staple in

Aliya’s home. “If you want to find authentic copper, look to see if it’s lined with tin and has brass on it. Those are two good indicators,” she says.

3. STYLE WITH TEXTILE. Aliya recommends going thrifting for textiles. “You can bring them home, wash them and throw them in the dryer to kill any germs,” she says. Not sure what to purchase? Aliya suggests searching for tablecloth­s. She recently found a beautiful one at a vintage store for only $10.

4. INTEGRATE FLOWERS. Aliya uses fresh flowers from her garden in her home. However, she’s not opposed to mixing and matching. “If it’s not in the garden at the time, I go to the grocery store. If it’s not at the grocery store, I go to the basement and find my silk flowers,” she says.

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