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Safe and SECURE

Once the Villas at Spanish Court reemerge from their renovation cocoon, the premises will be secured by Eufy, a company that offers the latest in smart technology for homes and businesses.


• SMART HOMES. We’ve all experience­d the integratio­n of our lives with technology. Eufy has a variety of smart home systems, from robo vacuums to baby and pet monitors. What Sara will use at the Villas is their security systems, which use modern technology to turn devices into command centers for safety. This includes security systems and alarms Sara can control from her phone, as well as smart locks that guests will be able to use to get in and out of their Villa.

• EASY TO USE. Eufy’s motto is “Smart Home Simplified,” and they’ve created easy-to-use smart home devices and appliances. Wireless home security systems are one of their premiere offerings. This plays out in practical ways; for example, the smart locks each have a fingerprin­t entry system, and Sara will be able to reset the code combinatio­n from her phone when new guests stay at the Villas. • UNOBTRUSIV­E. Sara is excited to work with Eufy because the security system will be unobtrusiv­e, yet effective. The charm of the Villas will stay unmarred by any heavy or ugly cameras. Instead, Eufy’s system is discreet, allowing guest to focus on fun and relaxation, while giving Sara the peace of mind that her property will remain safe. During the process of hazardous material remediatio­n, the contractor­s place tarps over every door and window to make sure the toxic asbestos and lead particles stay inside the building and don’t leak into the outside air. Even though the Villas are still in their decrepit state, locals and tourists alike drive by to see the activity and track the progress. “Everyone is excited, and that excitement is contagious,” Sara says. “We can’t wait to throw open the doors and welcome everyone in.”


Each unexpected surprise is a learning process, and Sara’s experience teaches her where to find answers. She’s never dealt with a spring welling up through the ground before, so when water made an appearance where it had no business to be, she knew just where to turn. “I go straight to experts,” she says. “I have a good team I use for each project. My team has invested in me, and I’ve invested in them and that’s gotten me through so many difficulti­es.” She highly recommends finding the right people to work with, in every area of life. Her plumber ended up putting a pipe on the spring to catch the water and drain it to the nearby creek, saving the Villas from a watery grave. By staying organized and treating each surprise as a learning opportunit­y, Sara artfully navigates an inherently daunting project. “Everything happens for a reason,” she says. “So I trust in the beauty of every circumstan­ce.”

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