American Farmhouse Style


Fresh greens, like those from Lynch Creek Farm, bring both the sights and smells of Christmas to your home. Deck out your dining room, kitchen table or even kitchen island with the best of the season.



• Fresh garland (used here: Lynch Creek Farm premium garland)

• Other table décor, as needed

• Fresh swags, 1 for each chair or barstool (used here: Lynch Creek Farm country apple swag)

• Wire

• Wire cutters WHAT YOU’LL DO:


1. Lay the garland across your dining room or kitchen table as a runner. The Lynch Creek Farm garlands are 18 feet long, so they’ll work with long or short tables. You shouldn’t need to fluff it much, but do vacuum or sweep up any pine needles that fall before setting your table.

2. Set your table, if desired. For tables you use on a regular basis, you can keep the garland up without setting the rest of the table so it’s available for homework and snacks.


3. Cut a length of wire about 2 feet long to attach the swag to the back of the first chair. Keep in mind that if your chairs are painted or stained, the wire can cut into the finish. A small rectangle of wax paper can go under the wire to protect your chair.

4. Loop the wire through the hanger on the back of the swag so the wire doubles in half. 5. Drape the wire over the chair back to front and tie the wire at the bottom of the swag hanger. Tighten it as much as you can so the swag doesn’t droop down past the back of the chair. 6. Repeat for each remaining chair or barstool.

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