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Sometimes it’s hard to replace all your wall art with seasonal art, especially if it’s in a non-standard size, or if you can’t get the art frame off for some reason. Here’s how you can “cheat” with new art anyway.


• Existing wall art

• Digital download of Christmas or winter art

• Printer

• Double-sided tape


1. Measure your existing wall art. If it’s inside a frame you can’t remove, the art should be the same size as the opening. For canvas art, you’ll need to add double the width of the canvas as well as the height (height + width top + width bottom).

2. Find, purchase and download the Christmas or winter art you want for the piece. (Used here: Seven Paper Prints on Etsy).

3. Size it based on your measuremen­ts, then print it out.

4. For framed art: If you can’t remove the frame to put the art inside, use the double-sided tape to attach the art to the front of the glass inside the frame. No one will notice that the art is in front of the glass instead of behind it.

5. For canvas art: Trim the paper so it’s the exact width of the canvas piece. Leave extra on the top and bottom for additional height.

6. Center the paper over the front of the canvas and wrap the extra around the top and bottom. Secure the edges of the paper with doubleside­d tape (though be careful of the back of the canvas). The result should be what looks like a different image on your canvas art, though it’s really just the printed art in front of the original piece.

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