American Farmhouse Style



Paper snowflakes aren’t just for the kiddos. Create a festive winter wonderland centered around your chandelier, or even up and down a hallway in your home.


• Printer paper

• Scissors

• Small hole punch

• Transparen­t thread

• Scotch tape (optional)

• Clear tacks


1. Cut out paper snowflakes. Start with a square piece of printer paper. Fold it corner-to-corner three times to create a small triangle. Then trim bits off with your scissors to create different designs.

2. Repeat to make 12-25 snowflakes, depending on the size of the space you want to decorate.

3. Punch a hole at the top of each snowflake with a small hole punch.

4. Cut the transparen­t thread the length you want the snowflake to hang down from the ceiling.

5. Loop one end through the hole in the snowflake and tape it in place with a small piece of Scotch tape. You can tie it instead, but transparen­t thread can be slippery, so it’s often easier to use tape.

6. Tie a small knot in the other end of the thread. Don’t pull it too tight, so the loop of the knot is still visible.

7. Thread the tack through the looped knot in the thread, then tighten the knot around the tack and insert the tack into the ceiling as desired.

8. Repeat for each snowflake until all hang from the ceiling.

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