American Farmhouse Style


Creating a cozy look and feel on your front porch makes guests feel welcome before even setting foot inside your home. Here are Janan’s top tips for making the most of your porch décor.


1. SIMPLE SYMMETRY. Janan’s number one tip is to ensure your décor is lined up and centered properly. “The front porch is the first area people will see, so designing it symmetrica­lly will create a balanced look,” she says. When decorating, be sure to take a step back from time to time to get the overall visual picture and make the necessary adjustment­s as you go.

2. COLOR COHESION. What’s more Christmas-y on the front door than a farmhouse wreath? Janan recommends keeping an eye on your color palette when selecting the perfect holiday adornments. “Make sure your front door wreath stands out and is compatible with your front door color,” she says. Whether a simple piece of greenery or a lavish piece with ribbons, ornaments and other fun holiday accessorie­s, your wreath needs to blend in with the rest of your décor.

3. FESTIVE FINISHES. It’s the little things that tend to get overlooked—but it’s also these touches that can make or break the overall feel of a space. “Finish off your look with a seasonal doormat,” Janan says. “I love this particular doormat from Nickel Designs. She handmakes these.”

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