American Farmhouse Style



the perfect time for decorating with fresh eyes as you seek to craft warm, welcoming spaces for hosting family and friends. For stay-at-home mom of three and Instagramm­er Janan Assaf of At Home with Janan, decorating started off as a “creative and therapeuti­c outlet” to make her home inviting. “I find so much joy in organizing and decorating, especially during the holidays,” she says. “As chaotic as it is with kids at home, I remind myself that not only am I pursuing a hobby and passion for myself, but I truly hope my kids can look back and see how I made the house they grew up in a home full of memories.” Describing her style as “simple, elegant and transition­al,” her décor exemplifie­s the meeting point of farmhouse functional­ity and effortless refinement. “I love how versatile farmhouse style can be—you can add charm with new or vintage décor and your design can incorporat­e the rustic feel and warmth of a true farmhouse,” she says.

Janan opted for faux greenery for the staircase because it’s easier to arrange. “Putting garland on a staircase can be tricky and sometimes can look too heavy,” she says. “Since one of the Christmas trees is right

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