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Superesse Faraday Hank



The Superesse Faraday Hank is far more than just a way to cover your nose when you sneeze. Because hackers can use portable RFID scanners to surreptiti­ously steal informatio­n from your credit cards without the cards ever leaving your wallet, you can wrap your wallet with the Faraday Hank; it will thwart the hacker’s scans. It could even shield your phone from a dreaded electromag­netic pulse (EMP). The Hank consists of a soft fabric layer coupled with a nickel-andcopper ripstop fabric lining. Specificat­ions

• 12x12 inches

• Protects against RFID, EMP and other

forms of radiation

• Comes in a variety of styles and colors

MSRP $58

URL www.superesses­

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