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Shoot­ing a tac­ti­cal bolt gun with­out try­ing a suppressor wouldn’t be a real test, so while I was test­ing all this ammo, I also fired some of them through the Thun­der Beast Ul­tra-9 suppressor. This model is made from ti­ta­nium and only weighs 11.5 ounces. I opted for the model that mounts on a TOMB (thread over muz­zle brake), which makes it very easy to put it on and take it off as needed. Not only is it one of the light­est full-sized units on the mar­ket, it also re­ports to be 130 to 132 db when shoot­ing full-power ammo. In ad­di­tion to re­duc­ing the sound level, it also dras­ti­cally re­duces felt re­coil and im­proves ac­cu­racy. In every case during the tests, the ac­cu­racy with the suppressor at­tached was bet­ter than with­out it. In some cases, I ex­pe­ri­enced as much as a 50 per­cent re­duc­tion in group size. The Ul­tra-9 uses a sim­ple, but very ef­fec­tive, muz­zle brake at­tach­ment method with a ta­pered sur­face. The re­sult? The suppressor seats onto the brake—per­fectly cen­tered every time.

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