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1 Bench­made Par­due Hunter Fixed Blade

The new Par­due Hunter is a great all-around ad­di­tion to your back­woods kit, even if you don’t use it to field dress a deer. Its smooth, hand-friendly lines, Mi­carta han­dle slabs and drop-point blade will make even ex­tended use feel like quick work. Its over­all length is 7.96 inches, and its 3.48-inch blade is made with CPM-S30V stain­less steel. At slightly more than 5 ounces, the Par­due Hunter car­ries well in the in­cluded pres­sure-fit leather sheath that has an in­te­grated guard. MSRP: $225 www.bench­

2 Coast PS600R Recharge­able Flash­light

The PS600R flash­light runs on a lithium-ion bat­tery that is strong enough to power other small Usb-com­pat­i­ble de­vices. You can also use four AA al­ka­line bat­ter­ies in the in­cluded car­tridge if you don’t have time for a recharge. Twist the head to ad­just the beam from “flood” to “spot.” Lu­men out­put with the recharge­able bat­tery ranges from 42 to 530, with re­spec­tive run­times from 35 to 5.75 hours. Max­i­mum beam dis­tance is 686 feet, so you’ll have no trou­ble light­ing up your back­yard or a park­ing lot. The poly­mer body is tough and tex­tured for a good grip. It is drop rated to 3 me­ters and wa­ter re­sis­tant to IPX8 stan­dards. MSRP: $100 https://coast­port­

3 SB Tac­ti­cal SBL Pis­tol Sta­bi­liz­ing Brace

SB Tac­ti­cal’s Pis­tol Sta­bi­liz­ing Brace is a very low-pro­file, full-cav­ity brace. Its no-non­sense de­sign adapts to many plat­forms. The SBL fits all plat­forms with an Ar-style pis­tol buf­fer tube. It is com­pat­i­ble with re­ceiver ex­ten­sion di­am­e­ters of 1.1 to 1.25 inches. This prod­uct is Atf-com­pli­ant and in­cludes an ad­justable, 1-inch-wide ny­lon strap to cus­tom­ize the fit. Its over­all length is 7.8 inches, and it weighs in at 6.25 ounces. MSRP: $149.99­ti­

4 Pel­tor Sport Tac­ti­cal 500 Elec­tronic Head­phones

Pel­tor’s new Sport Tac­ti­cal 500 hear­ing pro­tec­tors use 3M SMART tech­nol­ogy that sup­presses harm­ful gun­shot noise above 82 DBA and has a noise re­duc­tion rat­ing (NRR) of 26. Clear Voice Track­ing makes it eas­ier to hear speech to im­prove com­mu­ni­ca­tion in noisy en­vi­ron­ments. It also in­creases the vol­ume of low-level sounds so you are more aware of what’s go­ing on around you. Its con­trols are easy to use, and it has voice guid­ance so you don’t have to re­move the head­set to make ad­just­ments. Blue­tooth com­pat­i­bil­ity al­lows you to use the Tac­ti­cal 500 with your smart­phone, and the re­cessed mi­cro­phones re­duce ir­ri­tat­ing wind noise. These head­phones fold to a com­pact size and are de­signed to stay out of the way when us­ing long guns. MSRP: $199.99

For those pre­par­ing for any even­tu­al­ity, there are some tools you just can’t have too many of. In a num­ber of key cat­e­gories, you’d be putting your­self at a se­vere dis­ad­van­tage if you only had one im­ple­ment in the group. So, here’s a se­lec­tion of some mul­ti­ple-must-haves we culled from the aisles of the SHOT show that we wanted to share with you. Whether they’re con­sum­ables, such as gloves, or im­ple­ments you need to have stocked in mul­ti­ple lo­ca­tions, such as lights and knives, it re­ally is OK to stock up on these es­sen­tials.

5 Kim­ber KHX Cus­tom

The KHX Cus­tom comes com­plete with laser-equipped Hogue En­hanced Ma­grip G10 Grips and main­spring hous­ing that form an ex­ter­nal mag­well and con­tin­u­ous-wrap grip sur­face. Avail­able in 9mm and .45ACP with eight-round mag­a­zines, the KHX Cus­tom’s stain­less steel and G10 con­struc­tion comes in at 38 ounces with an empty mag. It is 5.25 inches high and 8.7 inches long. The 5-inch stain­less bar­rel has a left-hand twist rate of 16. The hex pat­tern on the grips is re­peated on the slide to pro­mote op­ti­mal con­trol dur­ing slide ma­nip­u­la­tions. The pre­mium-grade alu­minum trig­ger is set with a pull of ap­prox­i­mately 4 to 5 pounds. MSRP: Start­ing at $1,259­ber­amer­

6 SOG Pow­er­ac­cess Deluxe Multi-tool

The new Pow­er­ac­cess Deluxe has the most tools of any SOG prod­uct to date. Built with SOG’S com­pound lever­age sys­tem, it has the ex­pected pli­ers, grip­pers and two wire cut­ters, as well as a straight blade, saw and ser­rated-blade scis­sors—all 2.75 inches long. You also get a three-sided file, awl, can and bot­tle open­ers, and sev­eral other tools you should keep handy. The mag­netic hex bit holder is fully com­pat­i­ble with SOG’S hex bit kit. With all this, and at 8.7 ounces and 6.8 inches over­all, the Pow­er­ac­cess Deluxe can tackle a ton of tasks. It in­cludes a ny­lon sheath with 12-piece hex kit with these bits: Phillips: #1, #2, #3; flat­head: #3, #5, #7; Star drive: T6, T8, T10, T20; and hex: 1.5mm, 2mm. MSRP: $94

7 Stream­light TLR-8 Weapon­light

This new, rail-mounted tac­ti­cal il­lu­mi­na­tor fea­tures both a 500-lu­men light and an in­te­grated 640–660 nm red aim­ing laser. It fits a wide ar­ray of com­pact and full-framed weapons and is one of the small­est rail-mounted lights in Stream­light’s TLR series. Op­er­ate the TLR-8 in laser-only, Led-only and dual-out­put modes. Run­times with the in­cluded dis­pos­able CR123A lithium bat­tery range from 1.5 hours when us­ing the LED only or the LED and laser; 18 hours with laser only. The beam dis­tance is 177 feet. The “Safe Off” fea­ture pre­vents ac­ci­den­tal ac­ti­va­tion and in­ad­ver­tent bat­tery de­ple­tion. It mea­sures 2.15 x 1.18 x 1.5 inches and is made of 6000-series alu­minum with a black-an­odized fin­ish. It is wa­ter re­sis­tant to the IPX7 stan­dard. MSRP: $350­

8 Bench­made In­fi­del Fixed Blade

Based on the clas­sic In­fi­del OTF knife, this dou­ble-edged, fixed-blade ver­sion is a nat­u­ral ad­di­tion to the “fam­ily.” Use and main­te­nance are sim­pli­fied by hav­ing no mov­ing parts, and de­liv­ery of the pointy end is stream­lined, mak­ing it even more de­pend­able than the orig­i­nal. The black-an­odized, bil­let alu­minum han­dle is vir­tu­ally in­de­struc­tible and pro­vides good bal­ance. Its over­all length is 9.21 inches, and the D2 steel blade is 4.52 inches long. At 5.11 ounces, it is sub­stan­tial with­out be­ing too heavy; and the Boltaron sheath is Tek-lok com­pat­i­ble and will mount in mul­ti­ple lo­ca­tions. MSRP: $235 www.bench­

9 Vertx Breacher Gloves

You’ll no­tice the great fit of the pre-curved fin­gers, Nomex IIIA flame-re­sis­tant in­ter­lock knit fab­ric and nat­u­ral goat leather as soon as you put these gloves on. Whether or not you’re break­ing down doors, the re­in­forced knuckle pro­tec­tion will re­duce bangs and scrapes, and the strong hook-and-loop wrist clo­sures will keep these gloves snugly on your hands. In ad­di­tion, the tips of the thumbs and mid­dle fin­gers fea­ture con­duc­tive touch points that en­able you to ma­nip­u­late touch screens on smart­phones and other de­vices. MSRP: $78.95

10 Shield Sights Switch­able In­ter­face Sight

Shield took the in­cred­i­ble per­for­mance and strength of its mil­i­tary-proven red-dot sight— the CQB/CQS—AND made it even bet­ter. It fea­tures four switch­able ret­i­cles and bright­ness ad­just­ments. The bright­ness changes au­to­mat­i­cally, or you can use the man­ual mode to set the sight to your de­sired set­ting. The SIS was de­signed by lis­ten­ing to cus­tomers and via real-world ap­pli­ca­tion feed­back from Spe­cial Forces, law en­force­ment and mil­i­tary users around the world. It weighs just 2.16 ounces and has a matte-black an­odized alu­minum body. Pro­gram­mable ret­i­cle op­tions are 1MOA; 1MOA and ring; 8MOA and ring; and 8MOA. It is wa­ter re­sis­tant at 1 me­ter for 30 min­utes and has an op­er­at­ing range of -51 to 120 de­grees (F). MSRP: $625.70 www.shield­

11 Mis­sion First Tac­ti­cal IWB Hol­ster

MFT has cre­ated a laser-pre­cise, pas­sive-re­ten­tion hol­ster you can wear for IWB, OWB or ap­pendix carry and right or left handed. Hol­sters are hand-formed of Boltaron poly­mer to pro­vide less wear, smoother draws and re-hol­ster­ing, as well as su­pe­rior fit and fin­ish, and re­sis­tance to chem­i­cals and tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tions. The hol­ster in­cludes a 1.5-inch belt clip, and the user can ad­just the cant to over 15 per­cent. These hol­sters are avail­able to fit a va­ri­ety of pop­u­lar hand­guns. MSRP: $49.99 www.mis­sion­first­tac­ti­

12 Stream­light Pro­tac HPL USB Flash­light

The new Pro­tac High Per­for­mance, High Lu­men flash­light de­liv­ers a va­ri­ety of light out­puts—with a max­i­mum of 1,000 lu­mens to light up large ar­eas of your en­vi­ron­ment. The beam pro­vides a com­bi­na­tion of a broad pat­tern for gen­eral light­ing and a tight cen­ter spot for con­cen­trat­ing on a spe­cific tar­get. Max­i­mum beam dis­tance is 1,227 feet. The beam can be di­aled down to just 65 lu­mens, and the run­time ranges be­tween 1.5 and 20 hours when us­ing the recharge­able lithium-ion bat­tery. You can also use an 18650 recharge­able lithium-ion or dis­pos­able CR123A lithium bat­ter­ies. The HPL USB is 7.08 inches long, has a head di­am­e­ter of 1.72 inches and weighs just 9.24 ounces. MSRP: $180–$200­

13 Vertx Weapon Guard Con­cealed Carry Guardian Shirts

These new Guardian Con­cealed Carry Shirts have a unique in­ner “skirt” you tuck into your pants to pro­tect your skin and help keep the shirt in place. This also elim­i­nates the need to wear a t-shirt, so you’ll be cooler and more com­fort­able on warm days. Vertx’s

37.5 Tech­nol­ogy is wo­ven into the fab­ric to pro­vide ad­di­tional body core tem­per­a­ture and hu­mid­ity reg­u­la­tion. The Weapon Guard semi-com­pres­sion layer is at­tached to the shirt at the lower chest and ex­tends down to the waist. These shirts are avail­able in plain and solid-color short- and long-sleeved but­ton-down shirts, as well as po­los. MSRP: $64.95 (short-sleeve but­ton-down)

14 SOG Keytron Fold­ing Knife

The Keytron is a folder that fits right in with ev­ery­thing on your keyring. It fea­tures a 1.8-inch clip-point blade made of 5CR15MOV stain­less steel on a slim, light­weight han­dle. With an over­all length of 5.3 inches, it is large enough to han­dle sim­ple cut­ting tasks; and, at 1.3 ounces, you might for­get you’re car­ry­ing it. The Keytron also comes with a bot­tle opener and has its own keyring that opens with a sim­ple latch. With the Keytron, you'll have a knife as handy as your car keys. MSRP: $27

15 SOG-TAC Cal­i­for­nia Spe­cial Auto Folder

The SOG-TAC CA Spe­cial is the height of dis­cre­tion. As its name im­plies, it’s a Cal­i­for­nia-com­pli­ant au­to­matic knife that brings the 1.9-inch AUS8 stain­less steel blade to bear in less than a heart­beat. The 3.9-inch, an­odized 6061 alu­minum han­dle is hand-friendly and pro­vides a solid grip on this 2.3-ounce folder. The blade re­lease but­ton is set up for right-handed thumb de­ploy­ment. The pocket clip is re­versible and al­lows the knife to ride low in your pocket. MSRP: $134

16 Coast FL85R Recharge­able Fo­cus­ing Head­lamp

The FL85R head­lamp has an ad­justable beam that changes from “spot” to “flood” with a twist of the head. The whole head tilts ver­ti­cally for con­ve­nience. It has a red LED that lets you move in the dark with­out los­ing night vi­sion or alert­ing oth­ers to your pres­ence. It runs on a recharge­able lithium-ion bat­tery that can be charged in­side or out­side the case; or use three dis­pos­able AAA al­ka­line bat­ter­ies. Us­ing the recharge­able bat­tery, light out­put ranges from 90 to 700 lu­mens, with run­times of 8.5 to 1.75 hours and beam dis­tances of 230 to 656 feet, re­spec­tively. The re­flec­tive strap is hel­met com­pat­i­ble, and the whole unit weighs just 4.5 ounces. MSRP: $125 https://coast­port­

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