American Survival Guide - - HAND TOOLS FOR THE HOMESTEAD -

As with all your equip­ment, proper care of your tools is es­sen­tial. Draw knives, adzes and chis­els should be treated like all bladed cut­ting tools (axes, knives, ma­chetes, saws, etc.). Even dry wood con­tains some amount of sap. If it is not cleaned off your tools, that sap could lead to re­duced efficiency and rust is­sues over time. Af­ter each use, clean your tools. Then, put a light coat of gun oil or Get­some 1000 lu­bri­cant on it to help keep it pro­tected from cor­ro­sion. An­other im­por­tant part of care is to keep your edged tools sharp. Be­fore ev­ery use, make sure that is the case. A sharp blade is a safe blade. Be­sides, a sharp blade will make your job eas­ier and more ef­fi­cient.

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