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I am not a new­comer to the sub­jects of out­door sur­vival, de­fen­sive tac­tics and self-reliance. So, what would Bunker Days have to of­fer me? For one, no mat­ter how much I think I know, there is much more I can learn. Check­ing into the var­i­ous bunkers on this site is a great way to tap into the ex­pe­ri­ences of the mem­bers—whether it’s learn­ing some small tricks of the trade on fire-start­ing, tech­niques on snare set­ups or get­ting help­ful ad­vice on setting up a home can­ning and food stor­age area. And as much as I try to stay cur­rent on available gear, af­ter spend­ing some time on the Bunker Days site, I found some in­ter­est­ing, new prod­ucts I didn’t know ex­isted, along with some old stand­bys I had as­sumed were long dis­con­tin­ued. Brows­ing through the site’s De­pot sec­tion also pro­vided some ideas on use­ful items I had over­looked; things I re­ally should add to my kit. By flag­ging them over to my on­line in­ven­tory, I found I could build a wish list of gear I wanted to pur­chase to com­plete my out­fit. Also, that in­ven­tory fea­ture will help me keep my gear or­ga­nized. Too of­ten, I’m “bor­row­ing” items from one bag or pack to put into an­other for a hike or a hunt. Af­ter a while, I have no idea of the key items that might be miss­ing, should I have to grab and go. I found the SIPS very ben­e­fi­cial as well. I re­al­ized I have a lot work to do in this area: I need to cre­ate them for spe­cific emer­gency events I could ex­pe­ri­ence where I live. I’m lit­er­ally sur­rounded by gear, but I need to do a bet­ter job plan­ning routes for pos­si­ble evac­u­a­tion sce­nar­ios, se­cure my premises bet­ter if I need to hun­ker down, and set up a reg­u­lar sched­ule for phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing and skills train­ing. Be­ing able to track my progress on the site will keep me mo­ti­vated while en­sur­ing all needed readi­ness steps are ad­dressed. I be­lieve that the more I make use of the tools pro­vided on the Bunker Days site, the more I’ll find pos­i­tive ways to make use of them.

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