American Survival Guide - - CONTENTS - By Michael D’angona

Keep these small sur­vival tools handy at all times.

Hav­ing a bug-out bag or an emer­gency kit packed and ready to go at the first sign of dan­ger is a very sound idea, with­out a doubt. In real­ity, ow­ever, there are times and there are places hat won’t al­low you the abil­ity to have your life­sav­ing as­sort­ment nearby. In fact, it might e stored in a closet many miles away or se­cured in your parked ve­hi­cle that is in­ac­ces­si­ble o you at the time.

When this hap­pens, you’d bet­ter have a “plan B”—and that plan is to al­ways have a va­ri­ety of ear on your body at all times.

Wear­able emer­gency items are avail­able in many forms to suit in­nu­mer­able pur­poses. From base­ball caps with hid­den pock­ets and mul­ti­tool key­chains to wo­ven para­cord bracelets, the se­lec­tion of avail­able mer­chan­dise is stag­ger­ing. It’s up to you to choose the items that will ben­e­fit your spe­cific needs when ac­cess to your larger as­sort­ment of pre-packed gear is not an op­tion.

Think ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties first—fire-start­ing, sig­nal­ing and water pu­rifi­ca­tion—and ex­pand from there. Once you have those core cat­e­gories cov­ered, you will be on your way to cus­tomiz­ing a vast ar­ray of items that not only might save your life, but will also look good on you.

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