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Just as you use dif­fer­ent lures for dif­fer­ent types of fish and dif­fer­ent bul­lets for dif­fer­ent kinds of game, there are dif­fer­ent kinds of heads for your ar­rows, de­pend­ing on what you are shoot­ing at.

Field or prac­tice points: These are the most ba­sic heads to put on your ar­row—sim­ple, pointed pieces of me­tal used for tar­get prac­tice or stump shoot­ing. You can use them for small game, but a ded­i­cated small-game head will serve you bet­ter.

Small game heads: These are used to kill small game. They come in two com­mon types. Blunts and spring leg de­signs, like JUDO heads, kill by shock and break­ing the small bones in squir­rels, birds and rab­bits. Cut­ting de­signs also use shock but in­clude small cut­ting blades to cut tis­sue and blood ves­sels.

Broad­heads: These are used for hunt­ing big game the size of tur­key, deer and hogs. They have ra­zor-sharp cut­ting blades de­signed to cut through tis­sue and blood ves­sels, caus­ing the an­i­mal to die quickly from loss of blood.

Bow­fish­ing heads: These heads are de­signed to punch through the scales of game­fish such as carp and tar­pon. The heads have a piv­ot­ing head or blades that keep it in the fish so that you can reel it in.

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