1 Ul­ti­mate Wilder­ness Gear

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Writ­ten by noted sur­vival in­struc­tor Craig Caudill, Ul­ti­mate Wilder­ness Gear is a de­fin­i­tive guide to the equip­ment you need to pre­vail out in the field. It cov­ers a wide range of cat­e­gories, from wa­ter fil­ters to knives and be­yond. In each chap­ter, Caudill goes through what to look for when shop­ping for gear and what to avoid. Through­out the book’s 224 pages, he pro­vides plenty of ex­am­ples of prod­ucts that have worked well for him. Along the way, he also shares in­sight and knowl­edge about how to use the gear ef­fec­tively. MSRP: $22.99 www.pagestreet­pub­lish­ing.com

2 SOL All Sea­son Blan­ket

This is not the typ­i­cal My­lar blan­ket found in many sur­vival kits. The SOL All Sea­son Blan­ket is thick and durable. The metal grom­mets and re­in­forced edges al­low this blan­ket to be used to haul heavy or bulky items. The bright-or­ange color works great as a sig­nal for res­cuers. At 5x7 feet, it is large enough to serve as a shel­ter floor or roof as needed. Or, wrap it around you to stay warm un­til help ar­rives. It is durable enough to be used again and again, com­pared to the more-dis­pos­able types of emer­gency blan­kets. MSRP: $17 www.sur­vive­out­doors­longer.com

3 SOL Mag Striker

Mag­ne­sium block fire starters have been around a long time. They work okay, but they can be awk­ward; and ev­ery time you re­move mag­ne­sium shav­ings, the block gets harder to hold. En­ter the SOL Mag Striker, which has an em­bed­ded mag­ne­sium rod in a thick, com­fort­able han­dle. Along one side is the flint rod. Scrape it with the in­cluded steel scraper, and it will rain down a shower of sparks. The striker is even equipped with a bot­tle opener, al­low­ing you to re­ward your­self with a cold one as you watch the fire burn. MSRP: $12 www.sur­vive­out­doors­longer.com

4 The Edge­mas­ter’s Hand­book

Len Mcdougall has been work­ing with knives and other edged tools for decades. He has poured ev­ery­thing he knows into this master trea­tise. The Edge­mas­ter’s Hand­book cov­ers ev­ery­thing from choos­ing a knife to main­tain­ing it—and so much more. He goes into great de­tail about blade shapes, as well as grinds, ex­plain­ing the pros, cons and com­mon uses for each of them. It is also nice to see a knife ref­er­ence book dis­cuss sheaths at length— some­thing often over­looked. Just about a third of the book con­sists of a se­ries of in-depth re­views of a wide range of knives. MSRP: $19.99 www.sky­horsepub­lish­ing.com

The first cou­ple of months of the year are often cold and gloomy. The glitz and glam­our of the hol­i­day sea­son are past, and spring­time seems months away. It can be tempt­ing to just hun­ker down and hi­ber­nate un­til the world thaws out or you reach the end of Net­flix—which­ever comes first. The thing is, those trails you loved in the sum­mer and fall are still there. And many of them look amaz­ing in the win­ter. Don’t be afraid to bun­dle up and get out­side. Take some new gear with you, and see how it fares in the snow. Call it “re­search,” if it makes you feel bet­ter!

5 5.11 Tac­ti­cal Apollo Tech Fleece Jacket

The Apollo Tech Fleece Jacket is the per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment on cooler hikes. The two-sided brushed fleece will keep you snug and warm on the trail without be­ing sti­fling. If you do get too heated, just pull down the cen­ter zip­per a bit. The passthrough Rapidraw pock­ets give you ac­cess to your weapon should the need arise. The ny­lon over­lays on the up­per back, shoul­ders and chest al­low you to wear your back­pack without worry. There are two chest pock­ets, as well as hand pock­ets, giving you plenty of stor­age for a few es­sen­tial bits of gear. Hand­some, rugged and func­tional—all in one great pack­age. The Apollo Tech Fleece Jacket is avail­able in three col­ors in men’s sizes XS–3XL. MSRP: Start­ing at $99.99 www.511tac­ti­cal.com

6 Rothco Con­cealed Carry Soft Shell Ano­rak

Stuff your hands into the pock­ets of the Con­cealed Carry Soft Shell Ano­rak when you get cold, and you’ll still have nearly in­stant ac­cess to your con­cealed-carry weapon be­cause of the hid­den zip­pers in­side. The large cen­ter pocket, as well as a lower kan­ga­roo pocket, al­lows you to bring nu­mer­ous sur­vival es­sen­tials with you on the trail. The hood and man­darin-style col­lar with storm flaps will keep you warm and dry. The ano­rak is con­structed of 100 per­cent polyester with a fleece lin­ing. The cuffs are even ad­justable. All in all, this jacket might be the per­fect so­lu­tion for cold-weather wear without sac­ri­fic­ing fast ac­cess to your waist-car­ried weapon. MSRP: Start­ing at $99.99 www.rothco.com

7 Rothco Spec Ops Tac­ti­cal Fleece Jacket

De­signed for warmth and com­fort, this jacket ex­cels at both. The heavy­weight,

100 per­cent polyester fleece con­struc­tion is soft and has five zip­pered pock­ets (both shoul­ders, one chest pocket on the left side and two front slash pock­ets). The cuffs have thumb holes, which help pre­vent the sleeves from pulling up as you move about. The draw­string waist, man­darin col­lar and zip­per flap all serve to keep out the breeze, keep­ing you warm and toasty. The jacket is avail­able in black, tan or Olive Drab in sizes S–3XL. MSRP: Start­ing at $76.99 www.rothco.com

8 5.11 Tac­ti­cal Penin­sula In­su­la­tor Pack­able Jacket

The Penin­sula In­su­la­tor Pack­able Jacket is the per­fect ad­di­tion to your cold-weather wardrobe. Equipped with the 5.11 Rapidraw sys­tem, you’ll have in­stant ac­cess to your con­cealed-carry weapon. The mini rip­stop shell has a wa­ter-re­sis­tant DWR fin­ish to help the Pri­maloft in­su­la­tion keep you warm. One of the best fea­tures, though, is that the en­tire jacket will fit into a stuff sack that is small enough to fit into your pocket. This is an ex­cel­lent op­tion for a jacket to keep in your bug-out bag, glove box or other lo­ca­tions where you want a lit­tle some­thing stashed in case the weather turns foul. It is avail­able in four col­ors: Se­quoia, black, blue and Moss Green and comes in men’s sizes XS–3XL. MSRP: Start­ing at $129.99 www.511tac­ti­cal.com

9 Rothco Forced En­try De­ploy­ment Boots

The Forced En­try De­ploy­ment Boots from Rothco pro­vide run­ning shoe com­fort—great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet but want or need a mil­i­tary-style, 8-inch boot. The con­struc­tion fea­tures a steel shank, rust­proof eye­lets and a suede up­per with breath­able mesh. All of these com­bine to pro­vide a well-fit­ting and long-last­ing boot. The moun­taineer-style sole pro­vides plenty of grip without adding bulk or clum­si­ness. The side zip­per al­lows for fast and easy re­moval. These boots run fairly close to stan­dard shoe size. MSRP: $102.99 www.rothco.com

10 Zippo Emer­gency Fire Kit

The Emer­gency Fire Kit (EFK) is a great op­tion for a sur­vival kit or bug-out bag. The wa­ter-re­sis­tant can­is­ter con­tains five paraf­fin-coated tin­der bun­dles that light very eas­ily. One bun­dle burns for about five min­utes. Each bun­dle is de­signed with holes in it so you can thread it onto the end of a stick, light it and then push it gen­tly into your care­fully con­structed teepee or other fire lay con­fig­u­ra­tion. The flint wheel works just like a dis­pos­able lighter: Sim­ply spark it near the tin­der to light it. The en­tire kit floats on wa­ter. There is also an at­tach­ment point so you can clip it to a pack or pouch. MSRP: $11.95 www.zippo.com

11 ACW Macguyver Kit

When you look at the ex­ten­sive con­tents list for the Macguyver Kit, it seems hap­haz­ard and eclec­tic—al­most as if some­one took an av­er­age kitchen junk drawer and dumped it into a pack. But ... that’s the beauty of the kit. It has such an amaz­ing ar­ray of items that you’ll find your­self reach­ing for it again and again. It in­cludes some of the usual sur­vival kit gear, such as fire starters, first aid and a small fish­ing kit. It also con­tains tons of other items, such as a hard­ware kit with as­sorted screws and nails, a glue stick, file, elec­tri­cal tape and cop­per wire. Ev­ery­thing is smartly or­ga­nized and stored in a high-qual­ity pack. MSRP: $189.99 www.acw­tac­ti­cal.com

12 Oval 10-Pound ABC Dry Chem­i­cal Fire Ex­tin­guisher

We know we should have fire ex­tin­guish­ers avail­able at home, at work and in our ve­hi­cles. Even so, many of us are lack­ing in fire pro­tec­tion equip­ment. Oval Fire Prod­ucts is de­vel­op­ing a solid rep­u­ta­tion for great-qual­ity gear that is easy to store. Most ex­tin­guish­ers on the mar­ket to­day are cylin­ders. The prob­lem is they can be dif­fi­cult to store, es­pe­cially when space is at a premium. Oval’s prod­ucts are flat, mak­ing them much eas­ier to fit into tight quar­ters. This ABC ex­tin­guisher will han­dle or­di­nary com­bustibles (A), flammable liq­uids (B) and live elec­tri­cal equip­ment (C). It mea­sures 30x13x6 inches and weighs 26.5 pounds. MSRP: $289 https://oval­fire­prod­ucts.com

13 Ker­shaw Dec­imus

The Dec­imus from Ker­shaw is dan­ger­ous look­ing and very func­tional. The bay­o­net grind is not sharp on both sides—just the main edge. As a re­sult, it is not a true dou­ble-edged, dag­ger-type knife. The flip­per opener cre­ates a nice-look­ing cross guard when the knife is open. The blade is 3.25 inches long, with an over­all length of 7.5 inches when open. It has a re­versible pocket clip, al­low­ing left- and right-side carry. The frame lock keeps the blade in place while in use. The Black­wash fin­ish on the blade makes for a truly re­mark­able-look­ing knife. MSRP: $52.49 https://ker­shaw.kaiusaltd.com

14 Ker­shaw Out­right

A great fold­ing knife need not be util­i­tar­ian in ap­pear­ance or cost as much as a car pay­ment. The Out­right has an up­swept blade that is an ex­cel­lent slicer. The deep­blue fin­ish is eye-catch­ing and hand­some. The over­lay of black G10 on the han­dle pro­vides a se­cure grip. The Out­right’s 3-inch blade is 8CR13MOV steel, giving it hard­ness and good edge re­ten­tion. It has a sin­gle-po­si­tion pocket clip and is also an as­sisted-open knife that snaps open fast. Best of all is its af­ford­able price. MSRP: $41.99 https://ker­shaw.kaiusaltd.com

15 CRKT M16-02KS

The M16 se­ries of fold­ing knives has been wildly pop­u­lar. This it­er­a­tion adds a tanto blade to the lineup. Kit Car­son was the orig­i­nal de­signer of this knife se­ries. Among his many other ac­com­plish­ments, he pop­u­lar­ized the flip­per-style opener that is so com­mon to­day. This knife is a great choice for ev­ery­day carry (EDC). The frame lock keeps the 3.057-inch 12C27 Sand­vik blade open while you’re work­ing. The holes in the stain­less steel han­dle re­duce the over­all weight to a neg­li­gi­ble 3.7 ounces. MSRP: $59.99 www.crkt.com

16 CRKT Go­ken Folder

The Go­ken Folder knife is a wor­thy ad­di­tion to your tac­ti­cal knife col­lec­tion. This folder's tough, but grace­ful, 1.4116 stain­less steel tanto blade with cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant EDP coat­ing will stand up to the daily abuse com­monly “suf­fered” by EDC knives. Tex­tured G10 scales pro­vide a con­fi­dent grip while you’re wield­ing the 3.693-inch blade. The re­versible pocket clip al­lows both right- and left-hand carry. CRKT’S in­no­va­tive Field Strip con­struc­tion makes it easy to take the knife down without tools for clean­ing. To keep you safe dur­ing use, the blade is held in place with a ro­bust liner lock. MSRP: $150 www.crkt.com

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