American Survival Guide - - ON THIN ICE! -

You might con­sider a life jacket to be overkill on a win­ter hike, but it can pre­vent a tragedy if you fall through the ice. The Coast Guard has an ap­proved flotation jacket that is brightly col­ored and wa­ter re­sis­tant. Some ad­di­tional items use­ful for help­ing get you out of the wa­ter in­clude ice picks and a length of rope. In ad­di­tion, hav­ing a whis­tle as a noise­maker might alert oth­ers that you’re in trou­ble. An air bag ac­ces­sory is now avail­able for those who are trav­el­ing in snow coun­try. Although it is meant to help sur­vive an avalanche, it can be eas­ily de­ployed to achieve buoy­ancy in the wa­ter as well. What kind of flotation de­vice is best? The one you wear!

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