American Survival Guide


- Bootsy Collins

Wil­liam Collins will be the first to ad­mit that he is a knife­maker, not a sheath­maker. While he is ca­pa­ble of pro­vid­ing a ser­vice­able sheath for his knives, he wants to en­sure that his cus­tomers have ac­cess to a sheath that is as unique and bombproof as the knives that they are de­signed to carry.

For this, Wil­liam has col­lab­o­rated with Randy Smith from Stitched Gear Out­fit­ters.

Randy has been mak­ing leather goods of ex­treme qual­ity for many years and it shows in his de­signs and at­ten­tion to de­tail.

The sheath sys­tem that Randy de­signed for the WCSK is as tough and durable as the knife it holds. The body of each sheath is made from 10-ounce skirt­ing leather. The leather has been wa­ter­proofed us­ing a pro­pri­etary beeswax im­preg­na­tion process. This process makes the leather nearly as weath­er­proof as Ky­dex while still re­tain­ing all the best at­tributes of leather. Ten­sion at the mouth of the sheath is user-ad­justable, and the en­tire area is re­in­forced with heavy Ky­dex.

The sheath uti­lizes a unique X-shaped panel that is af­fixed us­ing heavy cop­per riv­ets. This panel al­lows the sheath to be car­ried ver­ti­cally, hor­i­zon­tally or, us­ing an op­tional adap­tor, baldric style over the shoul­der. When equipped with two of these pan­els, the sheath can be out­fit­ted with an ac­ces­sory pouch that holds an Al­toids tin, a di­a­mond sharp­ener and a ferro rod. The sheath can also be equipped with a Ky­dex loop that holds a Stream­light Mi­crostream flash­light. Cus­tom­ized at­tach­ment ac­ces­sories are an op­tion as well.

Each sheath is stamped with a se­rial num­ber that matches the se­rial num­ber on the WCSK.

The sheath sys­tem can be as com­pre­hen­sive or as min­i­mal­is­tic as the cus­tomer would like. No matter what op­tions you choose, you can be as­sured that you will have a sheath that is as durable and long last­ing as the knife for which it was de­signed.


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