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Or­lan­do Area: Ei­ne Grup­pe meets every Fri­day eve­ning from 7pm. All in­vi­ted, new folks wel­co­me! Call Lie­sel Mor­ri­son at Ed­le­weiss Lounge 407-277-1534. The Ame­ri­can Ger­man Club of the Palm Be­aches, lo­ca­ted in the Lan­ta­na-La­ke Worth area, has

gre­at events plan­ned for all of 2019. Vi­sit www.ame­ri­can­ger­man­club. org or call 561-967-6464 any­ti­me. Ger­man-Ame­ri­can So­ci­al Club of Ca­pe Coral, 2101 Pi­ne Is­land Rd,

Ca­pe Coral. Tel: 239-283-1400 or Web: www.GASC-Ca­peCoral.com

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