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Kudos to Gary Reich for his ne article about Bob Clouser [“One Fly To Rule

em All,” Fall]. I appreciate­d Mr. Reich’s piece for the personal touch he gave to this wonderful person and his new life in Florida. Bob was my mentor in teaching me how to y cast. I’d try to hire Bob for as many dates as I could get; one had to book Bob far in advance for many years, as he was such a popular and sought-a er guide. Bob even bailed me out from the local police when I didn’t have the cash to pay the ne when my boat lights failed coming in at dusk, and a DNR o cer was at the Middletown ramp. Reich’s article was spoton for Bob’s kindness and love of learning. Bob is a unique person, and I’ll always revere him. Edward Ho man Apple Valley, Minnesota (formerly Baltimore)


AJ won four Boating Writers Internatio­nal awards, including one certi cate of merit, in the latest edition of the group’s annual contest.

e program drew 95 boating and shing journalist­s, photograph­ers and videograph­ers, who submitted 273 entries in 15 categories.

“It’s nice to see our writers recognized for the hard work they put into nding, reporting and writing stories for the magazine,” says Bill Sisson, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “A welltold shing story is ne catch.”

AJ senior writer Charlie Levine placed second in the Boating Adventures category for “Four Ski s, 1,300 Miles, No Sleep,” his story about the Ski Challenge (Summer 2021 issue). In describing the race, Levine wrote: “If you took the 24 Hours of Lemans endurance automobile race and tossed it in a mixing bowl with an Ironman triathlon, you’d end up with something that resembles the Ski Challenge.”

Levine also placed third in the Fishing category for “Drawer Full of Memories” (Spring 2021). e story revolves around the host of shing remembranc­es he conjured while cleaning out his recently deceased stepfather’s desk. In the Columns category, Sisson took second for “Between Fish.” Managing editor Gary Reich earned a certi cate of merit in the Pro les category for “One Fly To Rule em All,” about legendary y-tyer Bob Clouser (Fall 2021).

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