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Preschool shows (* de­notes cross-me­dia con­cept)

For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Im­age-in (France), Fair Play (Canada) For spunky 7-year-old So­phie, who lives in a pic­turesque sea­side town, each day is an ad­ven­ture as she sets off with her best friend Emilio and her cat Sir to dis­cover all the hid­den trea­sures the world has to of­fer. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Blue Spirit Pro­duc­tions (France) Ev­ery night when she falls asleep, Alice, a joy­ful lit­tle girl, is wel­comed in Won­der­land by her friend, Lewis. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Kavaleer Pro­duc­tions (Ire­land) Alva Doon finds a mag­i­cal troll­bead bracelet at the bot­tom of a well and each of the seven pretty beads is a pet­ri­fied troll with the sin­gle goal of caus­ing Alva strife. For­mat: 52 x 7’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: Cre­ative Con­spir­acy (Bel­gium) Baba, Dada and Boo are three col­or­ful and adorable friends who pack an im­pres­sive dose of cre­ative su­per­pow­ers. Booga­loo and Gra­ham* For­mat: 52 x 5’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Six­teen South (United King­dom) Booga­loo al­ways has a ques­tion, and even though Gra­ham can give him a very de­tailed and solid an­swer, this never sat­is­fies him. He needs to see this for him­self. For­mat: 35 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Il­lu­mi­nated Films (United King­dom) Caiman, an in­quis­i­tive 5-year-old croc­o­dile, lives with his fam­ily in Trickle End, a buzzing and bub­bling com­mu­nity in the man­groves, where the river meets the sea. Find­ing Moo Friends* For­mat: 26 x 11’ Styles: 2D, 3D, draw­ing, painting Pro­duc­ers: Paperivene Stu­dio (Fin­land), Hahn Film (Ger­many) Moo and his best friend, Sticky, spend hours ex­plor­ing their sur­round­ings. Happy Go Hop­scotch* For­mat: 52 x 7’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Ki­no­mind Films (Lithua­nia) Eight-year-old Hop­scotch is a source of joy and a force for good; she’s quick to spot hap­pi­ness dilem­mas, invent fun ad­ven­tures and help solve prob­lems. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Styles: 2D, draw­ing, painting, cut-out Pro­ducer: Unan­ico Group (United King­dom) The ad­ven­tures of mu­si­cal in­stru­ment char­ac­ters pro­vide a hu­mor­ous and ir­rev­er­ent coun­ter­point to mu­sic from dif­fer­ent gen­res. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Blue Zoo Pro­duc­tions (United King­dom) A friendly young witch and her clever cat friend share the for­est with ex­cit­ing crea­tures based on myth­i­cal folk­lore. For­mat: 13 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Cor­nelius Films (Spain), Grupa Smacznego (Poland), Wuji House (Spain), Peek­a­boo An­i­ma­tion (Spain) Each night, six lit­tle paint drops come alive in­side paint­ings and go ad­ven­tur­ing through the amaz­ing world hid­den in the mu­seum. For­mat: 6 x 12’ Styles: 2D, 3D, draw­ing Pro­duc­ers: Hob AB (Swe­den), Naive (Swe­den) Moon­wolves love the moon so much they de­cide they couldn’t just sit and stare at it any­more — they de­cide to go there. For­mat: 52 x 7’ Style: 3D Pro­duc­ers: Zooper Film (Ger­many), Ru­bin­stein Pic­tures (Nether­lands), Grid An­i­ma­tion (Bel­gium) Come with Ju­lia and Sam as they dis­cover a se­cret hid­ing place, greet the rag­man, and learn to make pan­cakes. Mush-Mush & the Mush­ables * For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 3D Pro­duc­ers: La Ca­bane Pro­duc­tions (France), Thuris­tar (Bel­gium) In the Mush­ables’ pe­cu­liar lit­tle com­mu­nity, every­one seems to have cho­sen his or her role. Every­one that is, ex­cept Mush-Mush. For­mat: 26 x 6’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Igloo Films (Ire­land) Zookeeper Mr. Peek and his two chil­dren, Jimmy and Vi­o­let, look af­ter the loud and col­or­ful an­i­mals of Peek Zoo.

For­mat: 13 x 7’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Ionart Stu­dio (Hun­gary) PoCats fit in a child’s hand, and only chil­dren know that the cats are able to do more than what can be seen at first sight. Po­ta­toyz the Ap­pisodes* For­mat 104 x 1’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: Po­ta­terie (France) Lit­tle limb­less pota­toes made of pure and bright colors wan­der around in a scar­let fog with spirit and humor tak­ing on the col­or­less Beta Pota. Sing and Dance with the Pops* For­mat: 20 x 1’30 Style: 2D Pro­ducer: (France) Four friends learn nurs­ery rhymes and cre­ate a sim­ple and happy chore­og­ra­phy for each new song. For­mat: 52 x 5’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: CarpeDiem Film & TV (Canada) Four best friends flip the world on its head in high-en­ergy comic es­capades that pose the chal­lenge: Go out­side and play! For­mat: 13 x 6’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: An­i­moon (Poland) A lit­tle fox named Toru stum­bles upon a box of fam­ily sou­venirs, pho­to­graphs and a band that be­longed to his grand­mother – who was once a su­per­hero look­ing af­ter all the crea­tures liv­ing in the for­est. For­mat: TV spe­cial & 26’ Style: Stop-mo­tion Pro­ducer: Xbo films (France), Moukda Pro­duc­tion (France) Bat­ten down the hatches! Ker­ala, the en­thu­si­as­tic and cu­ri­ous baby kan­ga­roo, wakes up to dis­cover a new ad­ven­ture aboard Noah’s Ark. For­mat: 13 x 8’ Styles: 2D, Cut-out Pro­duc­ers: Letko (Poland), An­i­moon (Poland) When Ally is alone with her best-friend cats, she grows cat ears and a tail. For­mat: 25 x 5’ Styles: 2D, draw­ing Pro­ducer: Fet­tle An­i­ma­tion (United King­dom) A se­ries of col­or­ful an­i­mated com­edy shorts, show­cas­ing sur­pris­ing, ex­tra­or­di­nary and funny facts about well loved an­i­mals. For­mat: 26 x 7’ Style: Stop-mo­tion Pro­ducer: An­imAlps Pro­duc­tions (France) Bar­bara is an im­pa­tient lit­tle girl who is full to the brim with dreams and imag­i­na­tion in the 1970s. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Anyzac (South Korea) A boy dis­cov­ers a hid­den el­e­va­tor and learns the se­crets of the relics in the Stars Ho­tel while search­ing for its founder: his miss­ing grand­fa­ther. Borka and the Magic Dress* For­mat: 26 x 7’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­duc­ers: Tri­on­film (Hun­gary), Ladies First Con­sult­ing (Hun­gary), Dereng An­i­ma­tion (Hun­gary) A lit­tle girl who has a spe­cial dress, a tra­di­tion­ally em­broi­dered gar­ment she in­her­ited from her great-grand­mother, uses it to learn about the world and to solve her ev­ery­day prob­lems. For­mat: 52 x 13’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Dan­de­looo (France) Three plant friends find ad­ven­ture in Sun­nyDay Mall. For­mat: 52 x 13’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: 1st-Day (Bel­gium), OUF­tivi / RTBF (Bel­gium), Ket­net / VRT (Bel­gium) Charly as­sists her vet­eri­nar­ian fa­ther in an an­i­mal shel­ter and a zoo where they help an­i­mals in dan­ger. For­mat: 13 x 22’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: Gi­ant An­i­ma­tion (Ire­land) Three life­long friends in­ves­ti­gate and doc­u­ment the eeri­est mys­ter­ies of their city. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Baby Cow An­i­ma­tion (United King­dom) Sally, Jef­frey, Clive, Iso­bel and the Alien head off on ad­ven­tures in their bright yel­low camper van in a par­al­lel world not un­like our own. For­mat: 26 x 6’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Zo­graphic Films (Bul­garia) The ad­ven­tures of an odd dragon fam­ily in the con­ser­va­tive city of Dragonville.

For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Lynx An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios (Macedonia), Will Pro­duc­tion (France) Fol­lows a mis­chievous group of lit­tle drag­ons and the calami­ties of their ev­ery­day kinder­garten life. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Cy­ber Group Stu­dios (France), The Jim Hen­son Co. (United King­dom) Spring, Sum­mer, Au­tumn and Win­ter couldn’t pos­si­bly be more dif­fer­ent, but they love each other, and would do any­thing to make one an­other happy. For­mat: 52 x 13’ Styles: 2D, Draw­ing Pro­ducer: Me­dia Val­ley (France) Lit­tle Re­becca makes best friends with Ernest, a mi­crobe she caught who has given up be­ing a prac­tic­ing mi­crobe and de­votes him­self to pro­tect­ing her. Ernst, Bob­bie and the Rest For­mat: 52 x 8’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Trend Me­dia (Nether­lands), Wim Pel Pro­duc­tions (Nether­lands) Friends Ernst and Bob­bie end up in all sorts of im­pos­si­ble sit­u­a­tions they re­solve with a cheer­ful at­ti­tude and a healthy dose of luck. For­mat: 52 x 12’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Cot­ton­wood Me­dia (France) A fun-lov­ing and clumsy stray dog tum­bles into a tran­quil, oth­er­worldly pet par­adise — and ac­ci­den­tally breaks the source of its peace­ful­ness. The Great Ro­bot Chal­lenge For­mat: 78 x 7’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­duc­ers: Savoir FER (France), DLP Paris (France) Teams of robots face off in a se­ries of wacky ad­ven­tures. I’ve Got a Time-Trav­el­ing Mon­key on My Back* For­mat: 78 x 7’20 Style: 2D Pro­ducer: TF1 Pro­duc­tion (France) For one full year in a thou­sand, Kik­oumba has to de­fend his crown as king of the an­i­mal king­dom from a con­stant stream of chal­lengers. For­mat: 78 x 7’ Styles: 2D, stop-mo­tion, live ac­tion Pro­ducer: Mil­lim­ages (France) Un­ex­pected events are the gate­way to breath­less ad­ven­tures in an ex­tra­or­di­nary new world for Bunny and Doggy, who have to unite, hide and fight to­gether to over­come their en­e­mies. For­mat: 26 x 24’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: A. Film Pro­duc­tion (Den­mark), Comet Film (Ger­many) Young Tony moves to the coun­try and finds a very spe­cial friend, Ru­dolph, who hap­pens to be a vam­pire. For­mat: 52 x 11 Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Frame­store (United King­dom) Each episode fea­tures sketches, songs, sto­ries and silli­ness as the Loopy Fruits get each other into trou­ble, laugh at each other, dress up in cos­tumes, take petty re­venge and sab­o­tage each other’s at­tempts to per­form their show. Luck­ily Enough, It Was a Beau­ti­ful Day tiques (France) Three adults and sev­eral chil­dren are aboard a li­brary that has set sail on the ocean. For­mat: 52 x 7’ Styles: 2D, live ac­tion Pro­duc­ers: Fo­li­vari (France), WINDS (France), Cy­ber Group Stu­dios (France) Menino ex­plores the lives of real chil­dren liv­ing in ev­ery corner of our mag­nif­i­cent planet. For­mat: 26 x 5’ Style: 3D Pro­duc­ers: Hoho En­ter­tain­ment (United King­dom), Grid An­i­ma­tion (Bel­gium) Mimi and Bibi are twin girls with very dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives on the world: One through rose-col­ored spec­ta­cles, the other through dark shades. For­mat: 78 x 7’ Styles: 2D, draw­ing Pro­ducer: Xilam An­i­ma­tion (France) Mis­ter Ma­goo is a kind-hearted and cheer­ful guy whose se­vere near-sight­ed­ness causes him to mis­take his where­abouts for other places, get peo­ple mixed up, and wreak havoc ev­ery­where he goes. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 3D Pro­ducer: Cali­gari Film und Fernseh­pro­duk­tions (Ger­many) The gang of rats con­trols all the Ham­burg docks and no one dares stand up to them ex­cept for the Mus­cle­teers!

For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Watch Next Me­dia (France) Eight-year-olds Nate and Ma­lika leave home 30 min­utes early to go to school, and yet ev­ery morn­ing they ar­rive late! That’s be­cause ev­ery morn­ing, some­thing amaz­ing hap­pens on the way. The Piracy of Princess Price­less* For­mat: 52 x 10’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Adri­atic An­i­ma­tion (Croa­tia), CUB An­i­ma­tion (Hun­gary) A rest­less and cu­ri­ous princess joins a pi­rate crew. Pi­rates of the Abyss* For­mat: 26 x 26’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: (France) Lead by their men­tor, a group of kids con­tin­ues the work of his­toric scholars while main­tain­ing the world’s oceans. For­mat: 12 x 11’ Styles: 2D, draw­ing Pro­duc­ers: Planet Agents (Greece), Amalia Gian­nikou and Co (Greece) Ja­son and his friends Ben, Marie and Anita be­come Planet Agents and take on ad­ven­tur­ous mis­sions to de­feat en­vi­ron­men­tal su­pervil­lain Ivan von Pow­er­vamp and his posse of re­source-de­plet­ing al­lies. For­mat: 26 x 7’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Py­jama Films (Fin­land) Ex­plores the weird and won­der­ful crea­tures of Planet Z, where evo­lu­tion has taken mind-bog­gling cour­ses and any­thing can hap­pen! Ralph and the Di­nosaurs For­mat: 26 x 5’ Style: 2D Pro­duc­ers: Vive­ment Lundi! (France), Nadasdy Film (Swit- zer­land) Fol­low Ralph’s ad­ven­tures in the world of di­nosaurs and have fun learn­ing or re­fresh­ing what you think you al­ready know. For­mat: 26 x 22’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: Les Ar­ma­teurs (France) The fu­ture King of Eng­land is sent to stay with a peas­ant fam­ily in a small vil­lage in Nor­mandy and dis­cov­ers the Cave of Bali­gan, which holds, through its runes, the keys to all sorts of Nor­man and Vik­ing le­gends. For­mat: 52 x 13’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: (France) Lily and her gang know bet­ter than any­one else that be­hind ev­ery jit­ter lurks a mis­chievous mon­ster. It only re­mains to flush them out and re­turn them to the En­cy­clopae­dia of Scares, their nat­u­ral habi­tat. For­mat: 26 x 7’ Style: Cut-out Pro­duc­ers: Fabrique Fan­tas­tique (Bel­gium), sco­pas me­dien (Ger­many) Mouse is an ob­nox­ious, bossy, pompous char­ac­ter who lives un­der the delu­sion that she is a brave knight who will stop at noth­ing. Gen­tle and pa­tient Dragon en­dures all Mouse’s stub­born­ness; she knows bet­ter than any­one how to deal with her. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Styles: 2D, 3D Pro­ducer: JAM Me­dia (Ire­land) A kid, his pil­low and alarm clock chase the dream of one day climb­ing the so­cial lad­der in the sur­real world of Snoozeville. Su­per­mimmo - The Orig­i­nal* For­mat: 26 x 13’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: mata (Italy) A su­per dog, a ram­shackle su­per grandpa, a lit­tle boy who in­vents apps and a girl made of toy bricks take on the treach­er­ous Mr. Gold. The Three Lit­tle Su­per Pigs For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Fourth Wall Cre­ative (United King­dom) Three crime-fight­ing su­per­hero pigs bat­tle their neme­sis, The Big Bad Wolf, and his hench­men. For­mat: 52 x 11’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Tori De­sign (South Korea) Tori and her friends use their mag­i­cal hair to de­fend their town and go on awe­some ad­ven­tures. For­mat: 52 x 7’ Style: 2D Pro­ducer: Tei­dees Au­dio­vi­su­als (Spain) A toy fig­ure, a nib­bled-on cookie, a pic­ture and a dust­ball live to­gether un­der a sofa left be­hind in an at­tic and ex­plain what they do via in­ter­net videos. For­mat; 52 x 2’ Style: 2D Pink Kong Stu­dios (Ire­land) The An­i­mal Mu­sic Artists ooze at­ti­tude as their videos play in the Ur­ban Tails Mu­sic Chart show. For­mat: 1 x 26’ Styles: 2D, Live ac­tion Pro­duc­ers: Folim­age Stu­dio (France), Nadasdy Film (Switzer­land) A mixed-race girl from Paris jour­neys through the rain­for­est seek­ing a cure for her sick aunt and finds the key to suc­cess in her own hair.

anada’s cap­i­tal city is a long way from the dream-paved streets of Hol­ly­wood, but Chris Prynoski is ready to bridge the dis­tance as his fea­ture di­rec­to­rial de­but Nerd­land lands in com­pe­ti­tion at the Ot­tawa In­ter­na­tional An­i­ma­tion Fes­ti­val, set for Sept. 21-25.

Nerd­land is the tale of two “idiot char­ac­ters” who in­eptly seek fame for fame’s sake in the movie busi­ness. Voiced by Paul Rudd and Pat­ton Oswalt, John and El­liot’s pur­suit of fame reaches des­per­a­tion lev­els as their 30th birth­days ap­proach with less than noth­ing to show for it, lead­ing them down a darkly funny path in search of in­famy.

“They’re ba­si­cally guys who have noth­ing to of­fer so­ci­ety,” says Prynoski, who founded in 1999 Tit­mouse An­i­ma­tion with his wife, Shan­non. “Fame for fame’s sake is the theme, but it’s also a com­men­tary on how (rot­ten) our so­ci­ety is, our fame-ob­sessed so­ci­ety and how it’s go­ing down the tubes, and it’s a lot about con­sumerism and L.A. in gen­eral.”

It was Tit­mouse and Prynoski’s work on so many Adult Swim shows that piqued the at­ten­tion of award-win­ning screen­writer An­drew Kevin Walker, of Se7en fame. “Andy brought the movie to me be­cause he liked Beavis and Butt-head and Me­talo­ca­lypse, which are two shows that I worked on,” says Prynoski.

The of­fer ar­rived with Walker’s pro­duc­tion part­ner, for­mer agent Gavin Polone, at­tached — along with a mod­est bud­get the duo had pro­cured for pro­duc­tion. “We did sweat eq­uity in the movie and put in a lit­tle bit of money, but very, very lit­tle com­pared to the other in­vestors,” says Prynoski.

The first big chal­lenge was cast­ing. “The char­ac­ters re­ally are (jerks), and re­ally the movie would not have worked if you couldn’t get ac­tors who could pull off those charac- ters,” says Prynoski. Rudd and Oswalt were ideal, he says — funny enough to make El­liot and John some­what lik­able while adding quirks that the an­i­ma­tors could build on.

Prynoski says he em­braced the idea of the movie look­ing like the kind of low-bud­get movie it is — and tak­ing ad­van­tage of that es­thetic. With Tit­mouse cre­ative di­rec­tor An­to­nio Canob­bio as art di­rec­tor, Prynoski de­signed

Beavis and Butt-head or some­thing in that zone where it’s like, it’s kind of sketchy and crunchy, but it’s ap­peal­ing.”

One se­quence fans are sure to talk about is when John and El­liot try to pre­pare to com­mit dirty deeds by watch­ing a video called Ex­treme Vi­o­lence, meant to be four hours of the most hor­rific acts ever com­mit­ted to film. To pull off this se­quence, Prynoski turned to a bunch of his an­i­ma­tor friends (in­clud­ing Bill Plymp­ton, Peter Chung and Christy Kara­cas) to do a one-sec­ond an­i­ma­tion of the worst thing they could think of and edited them into a mini mon­tage. An­i­ma­tion was mostly done in-house at Tit­mouse, with the stu­dio ap­proach­ing the four­reel movie as a four-episode TV se­ries. “We had to ex­e­cute this pretty fast be­cause of the low bud­get,” says Prynoski.

The film played at Tribeca and Annecy prior to its slot at Ot­tawa. Prynoski says he’s ex­cited the film is get­ting out there, with a distri­bu­tion an­nounce­ment ex­pected soon. [

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