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Just when I thought tablets couldn’t get any smaller and main­tain their func­tion­al­ity, the bril­liant folks at Wa­com re­leased their lat­est In­tuos last month.

This new In­tuos line of tablets has an in­cred­i­ble small foot­print. The ac­tive draw­ing area is over 75 per­cent of the tablet it­self. The full size of the tablet is roughly the size of the draw­ing space of the pre­vi­ous mod­els. Re­mov­ing the bezel area pares down the workspace to just the nec­es­sary area. The ex­press keys are moved to the top of the tablet, re­cessed into a groove that dou­bles as a place for the pen to live. In ad­di­tion, the tablet is in­cred­i­bly light and amaz­ingly thin — 8mm. Se­ri­ously, it’s like a clip­board. The sur­face has a bit more tooth to it than ear­lier mod­els, so you get that sub­tle grit to the sur­face, like pa­per … sim­i­lar to the anti-glare sur­face on the HP ZBook x2 (re­viewed be­low). Plus, it comes in a few fan­ci­ful col­ors out­side of black! Pis­ta­chio and Berry (in some re­gions), if you like your tablet pas­tel.

An­other re­vi­sion is that they’ve moved the USB port to the top of the tablet, so it is a lit­tle more out of the way. Of course, if you want to go teth­er­less, you can check out the Blue­tooth mod­els of the tablet.

The pen it­self is a thin­ner ver­sion of pre­vi­ous mod­els, and it main­tains a nice bal­ance and feel — plus, it re­tains the rocker side but­ton that makes my life eas­ier. There is no sep­a­rate pen cra­dle, as the pen rests in the top of the tablet, as men­tioned above. But, you don’t lose your ex­tra nibs. Well, you don’t have quite as many as be­fore, as the ex­tras live in the body of the pen it­self. You have the stan­dard nibs, but you can swap them out with felt or sen­si­tiv­ity is at 4,096 lev­els, and the tilt func­tion­al­ity re­mains.

Along with the tablet, you have free down­load op­tions: Corel Painter Es­sen­tials (for paint-y things), Corel AfterShot (for photo-y things) and Cel­sys Clip Stu­dio Paint Pro (for manga-y things). But, of course, as a pro­fes­sional, you have all the other tools in your toolset al­ready. And your tablet works well with them all.

Like all Wa­com prod­ucts, the feel and feed­back is won­der­ful with im­per­cep­ti­ble la­tency. The smaller foot­print is fan­tas­tic for artists on the go, or for free­lancers who like to carry around their tools from stu­dio to stu­dio.

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