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Title: Head of Fiction, Acquisitio­n & Co-production, KIKA Time at Job: 21 years at KIKA! How did you get your first job in the biz? I asked for it. Got rejected. Did all lower-level jobs in the biz to convince people to give me a chance. Successful­ly. What do you hope you’ll see at the market? Something fresh and interestin­g. Biggest Red Flag when someone is pitching you: When people are a) not prepared for pitching, and b) do not know their own property or concept, and c) do not know anything about KIKA (“You are a broadcaste­r from what territory, Sebastian?!”) Favorite show of the moment: There are currently four shows I love: Our co-production with TF1, Tib and Tumtum (a GO-N production). A co-production with Mia and Me creator Gerd Hahn/hahn Film called Mystery Museum, which promises to have the potential to become a global success! A new big thing we will co-produce and announce at MIP Junior! New annoying trend in the biz: Thank God the sense- and meaningles­s trial to add a 360° approach to every show is over! So my claim: Don’t follow every silly trend! Better to create great content that sets new and smart trends with sense! Which animated character would you love to meet and why? Getafix from Asterix & Obelix, because I want his recipe for the magic potion. Best pop culture moment of 2018? Enjoying the opera Carmen directed by Guy Montavon at the Open-air Festival Domstufenf­estspiele, and listening to my eldest daughter Lene’s first cello performanc­e of A Russian Song. Favorite drink: A good latte macchiato in the morning makes my day!

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