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A dobe has a sub­stan­tial user base, what with its Pho­to­shop and Il­lus­tra­tor, which kind of started an in­dus­try — or at least forced a pivot from an ex­ist­ing in­dus­try. It also man­aged to res­ur­rect a flail­ing Pre­miere from the ’90s to a non-lin­ear edi­tor that now com­petes in the mar­ket space with the likes of Avid, and ar­guably has sup­planted Fi­nal Cut Pro. And After Ef­fects def­i­nitely holds its place in the mo­tion graph­ics and com­mer­cial in­dus­tries. In fact, the whole Creative Cloud pro­vides cre­ators from many dis­ci­plines to cre­ate the images and sounds they want and need to cre­ate.

How­ever, there is a huge mar­ket out there of con­tent cre­ators who don’t have the need or the time to dig into the over­head and com­plex­ity of Pre­miere Pro and After Ef­fects. They want to shoot on their phone/tablet. Have ac­cess to the data to cut to­gether. Put in a cou­ple cool tran­si­tions. Layer in a ti­tle and float it in the so­cial me­dia streams. Adobe Rush at­tempts to fill this niche.

Rush is es­sen­tially a stripped-down ver­sion of Pre­miere Pro. It’s meant for the film­maker who is on the go, shoot­ing and cut­ting on the fly. You have footage. You have a time­line and viewer. And you have a pre­set win­dow. What is fan­tas­tic and a step for­ward in UX de­sign is that the ex­pe­ri­ence from mo­bile to tablet to desk­top is the same. Ev­ery­thing func­tions in the same way.

As a Rush sub­scriber (or Pre­miere Pro — or the full Creative Cloud), you have cloud stor­age. So, Rush au­tomag­i­cally syncs your footage to the cloud, and then it’s ac­ces­si­ble on all your de­vices. But pfft, you scoff, I have 4K footage, I don’t think my iphone is go­ing to deal! When the footage syncs, a proxy of the footage is cre­ated, and then uti­lized on smaller, less pow­er­ful de­vices. If you make changes to your edit on your phone and go back to your desk­top, Rush knows to switch back over to the 4K footage.

The pre­sets are avail­able to get things done quickly and ef­fi­ciently — and not so much for cus­tomiza­tion. So tran­si­tions and ti­tles are lim­ited, yet prac­ti­cal. The edit­ing process is a drag-and-drop event. Set­ting in and out points, or slip­ping and slid­ing clips on the time­line, is shy near im­pos­si­ble on a phone. Then, the res­o­lu­tion pre­set are specif­i­cally de­signed with so­cial me­dia in mind, ex­port­ing out the proper res­o­lu­tions to Face­book or Youtube or the square for In­sta­gram.

As I men­tioned, Pre­miere Rush is bare-bones … for now. It’ll get more ro­bust as they hear back from the users as far as what they need. But, out of the gate, if you’re al­ready a con­tent cre­ator, and on the Creative Cloud, you have no ex­cuses to not give this a shot. Web­site:­ucts/pre­miere-rush.html Price: $9.99 a month (Pre­miere); $29.99 (Pre­miere + Pro); $52.99 (Creative Cloud All Apps)


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