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Ne Zha

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[Well Go, $25 | $30 BD | $35 4K] The break­out Chi­nese an­i­ma­tion hit of 2019, Jiaozi’s em­pow­er­ing tale told with stun­ning CG an­i­ma­tion cen­ters on an earth­bound child of the Lord of Heaven. Born with unique pow­ers, Ne Zha grows up a feared out­cast, des­tined to de­stroy the world — but what if he chooses to be­come a hero in­stead? Laced with laugh­ter, su­per-hu­man ac­tion and high-stakes fan­tasy, this block­buster ce­ments China’s place on the global an­i­ma­tion map. [Mar. 3]

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