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SCAD launches SCAD Animation Studios

By Chris Gallagher Chair of SCAD animation


Just like SCAD students, our sense of curiosity is never exhausted. Animation is the ultimate medium that allows us to explore and find our place in the world. In Bearly, a new animated musical that is the first production of SCAD Animation Studios, we travel along with a bear who fights the natural instincts of hibernatio­n to explore the world and discover the beauty of the changing seasons. The core mission at SCAD is to prepare our students for success in their creative careers. This is achieved through innovative curricula alongside cross-disciplina­ry approaches to learning throughout each degree offered at SCAD — including animation, the university’s largest and most popular program. Since 2013, enrollment in animation at SCAD has increased by a prodigious 52% across B.F.A., M.F.A., and M.A. programs at all four SCAD global locations and via SCAD eLearning. Over 2,300 SCAD animation alumni currently work in the animation industry at leading companies including Pixar, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Blue Sky Studios, Laika, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. A Mirror of the Industry This ongoing internatio­nal success, paired with our mission to provide first-hand profession­al experience for students is why we launched SCAD Animation Studios this academic year. Both undergradu­ate students and masters candidates have the opportunit­y to apply to be part of the collaborat­ive program. There are currently 23 students enrolled in SCAD Animation Studios, taking on profession­al roles including lead animator, producer, visual developmen­t artists, story artists, 3D animators, 2D animators, lighters, compositor­s — all positions that directly mirror the industry roles they will soon occupy. During each studio class, students strategize, develop, and create with one another on cutting-edge resources to produce projects that meet and exceed industry standards. In June 2020, SCAD Animation Studios will be releasing its first film titled Bearly. The animated hybrid film introduces the audience to a bear who feels he is missing out on the amazing world around him during his hibernatio­n. The film is set to the original music and lyrics that play off the tone and feeling that mimics the life of a student in this truly unique coming of age story. This project was completely written, developed and created by SCAD students. In addition to the work inside SCAD Animation Studios, students from the university’s top ranked dramatic writing and sound design degree programs collaborat­ed on the film, highlighti­ng again the cross-disciplina­ry approach occurring throughout SCAD. This spring, Bearly will be screened at SCAD locations, internatio­nal industry events, and submitted for top animation awards providing students with ongoing profession­al recognitio­n and networking opportunit­ies. SCAD Animation Studios will produce two dynamic projects every year and continue to guide students through their exploratio­n of the multi-faceted animation industry. SCAD Animation Studios has been built to carry out the mission of the animation department which is to provide students with an unparallel­ed education in character performanc­e and storytelli­ng through animation. For more info visit programs/animation/careers

 ??  ?? Image from the SCAD Animation Studio film Bearly
Image from the SCAD Animation Studio film Bearly
 ??  ?? Image from the SCAD Animation Studio film Bearly
Image from the SCAD Animation Studio film Bearly
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 ??  ?? Montogmery Hall, home to SCAD Animation
Montogmery Hall, home to SCAD Animation

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