Animation Magazine : 2020-03-01



Education & Career Guide Met Film School ASIA & PACIFIC Jumbla Academy Academy of Interactiv­e Entertainm­ent MoPA Arles, France Email: Phone: +33 (0)490 994 690 Degrees/Certificat­es offered: CG Protege Animation School De La Salle College of Saint Benilde National Film School The Strzemińsk­i Academy of Art Łódź The Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science Supinfocom RUBIKA Pulse College Lasalle College of the Arts Griffith University RITCS Time of year offered: September - June Applicatio­n deadline: Universal Arts School Media Design School Degrees offered: iNurture Education Solutions University of Gloucester­shire 30 2020 www.animationm­ London, U.K. metfilmsch­ Phone: +44 20 8280 9119 Email: info@metfilmsch­ Designer, Alchemist; Marvellous Designer, Maya, Yeti, Houdini, 3ds Max, Nuke, Mari, DaVinci, Adobe Suite, Arnold, VRay, ZBrush, Shotgun, Deadline. Additional notes: Cost of program: 1000€ Head of animation: Standaert Head of admissions: Geldof Time of year offered: October 2020 - June 2021 300€ - Frits Stefan Phone: +44 (0)1242 714700 Email: Email: admissions@ - The five-year course gives a graduate a 5-year advanced diploma as CG filmmaker. The diploma is stateaccre­dited (RNCP Level 1 France, Level 7 European level). Ecole MoPA also offers one-year Preparator­y Class, which alternates fundamenta­l artistic subjects with workshops and projects in photograph­y, video, stop-motion animation basic principles, etc. to give students a solid skills foundation and portfolio of artistic works. The majority of instructio­n is in French, a minimum language level of French B1 is recommende­d. Recent MoPA alumni are currently working as: Houdini FX artist, animator, lighter/ compositor, character animator, character rigger, creature FX, FX lead, look developer, storyboard artist, concept artist, previs, surfacing artist, TD, et al. Alumni have worked on production­s like Man of Steel, His Dark Materials, The Grinch, The Swallows of Kabul, Life of Pi, Despicable Me, Zombilleni­um, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Dark Mirror and many, many more. Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dublin, Ireland Phone: +353 1 239 4000 Email: Applicatio­n deadline: June /August by admission test Equipment available: 2D animation: Traditiona­l pen and paper (first part of the first bachelor); Cintiqs and TVPaint. 3D animation: Maya. Stopmotion: Dragonfram­e; camera, lights, studio. General: Adobe Suite, life drawing, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, concept & scenario, basic compositin­g, etc. Additional notes: Informatio­n Day 2020 on Saturday, 14 March from 10:00-16:00. Antoine Dansaertst­raat 70, 1000, Brussels. Łódź, Poland Email: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide & Perth, Australia Email: internatio­nal@aie. Singapore Phone: +65 6473-7502 Fax: +65 6473-7465 Email: Manila, Philippine­s Phone: Email: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Phone: +613 9023 9310 Email: academy@jumbla. Number of students in animation program: 25 per semester Cost of program: AUD Head of animation: Woolcock Head of admissions: Lahiru Karunaratn­e Time of year offered: March + September Applicatio­n deadline: 7 March 2020 Equipment available: 3D-capable PCs, Wacom tablets, Adobe Suite, Adobe plugins $3,990 $4,300 Callan Valencienn­es, France Email: (632) 230-5100 info@benilde. - Chung-Ang University Seoul, Republic of Korea www.cauanimati­ Email: Additional notes: Jumbla Academy offers practical, hands-on learning in an award-winning, working studio. Jumbla is Australia’s largest short-form animation house -- teaching its workflows and conceptual knowhow to all students studying in the academy. Dublin, Ireland www.pulsecolle­ Phone: Email: +33 (0)3 61 10 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Phone: +67 7 3735 7111, Internatio­nal students +61 7 3735 6425 Email: internatio­nal@ Singapore Phone: +65 6496-5000 Email: admissions@ Auckland, New Zealand mediadesig­ Phone: +64 9-303-0402 Email: info@mediadesig­ Number of students in animation program: 200 Cost of program: €5600 €9500 depending on year of cursus Heads of animation: Anne Brotot Head of admissions: Catriona Murray 6 January - 3 February; info on the website Equipment available: PC workstatio­ns, color grading master, sound mix Pro Tools HD, 60 storage arrays, render farm. Software: Substance Painter, +353 1 478 4045 admissions@ pulsecolle­ Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound Brussels, Belgium Email: animatiefi­lm. Bachelor in Audiovisua­l Arts: Animationf­ilm (3 years); Master in Audiovisua­l Arts: Animationf­ilm (1 year) Phone: 12 20 Valencia, Spain Cheltenham, U.K. Multiple Campuses, India Phone: +91 80-42576666