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Marc du Pontavice


Founder and President, Xilam Animation Game-Changer Award

Marc du Pontavice began his career at

Gaumont, where he co-founded Gaumont

Television and supervised the production of a hundred hours of prime time fiction, including the series Highlander. He also created Gaumont Multimedia, whose assets he acquired in 1999 to found Xilam

Animation. The studio has establishe­d itself as one of the world’s leaders in animation production, with several worldwide successes, including award-winning series such as Oggy and the Cockroache­s, Zig & Sharko and Mr. Magoo, which are all exec produced by du Pontavice. He has also produced dozens of live-action and animated features, the most recent one being director Jeremy Clapin’s acclaimed feature I Lost My Body, which was nominated for an Academy Award and received three Césars.

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