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A DAy In The LIfe


What better way to end the year than a visit with brilliant and talented animation veteran Aliki Theofilopo­ulos, whose many credits include Phineas and Ferb, Mickey Mouse and Harvey Girls Forever and whose latest show Doug Unplugs premiered on Apple TV+ last month.


Some people can’t wait to wake up and help out with another stay-athome baking project!


Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a midday trampoline break!


Getting new braces and smoothies between Mom’s many meetings.


Got to get our virtual robot dance moves down in time for the Doug Unplugs premiere.


Who has time for lunch when there’s a great virtual gesture drawing class to take?


It’s always someone’s birthday in our big household.


Managed to moderate a virtual panel today between the other activities.


Enjoying a family hot tub and story time after a long day.


The kids love to camp out in the backyard and meet all our possum and raccoon neighbors!

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