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The Bright Side of Working from Home By Martin Grebing

Due to the pandemic, many people have been translocat­ed from their cozy cubicle at the office to a work-fromhome scenario. In some cases, even permanentl­y. While this may be exciting for some, it may be equally as harrowing for others.

For those that are resistant to acclimatin­g your once serene domicile into a highly effective production studio, truth be told, there are some pretty cool things about working from home.

Never Commute Again

Many people travel 30 minutes, an hour, even two hours one-way to get to their office. Much of this time is often spent stuck in traffic, on a subway car sharing a strap with Mr. Sneezy, scurrying for a seat on a bus or arranging other transporta­tion.

Working from home means no longer wasting time travelling and more time sleeping, relaxing and being productive.

Additional­ly, this puts less strain on the transporta­tion infrastruc­ture, saves you gas or fare money, and keeps you healthier as your stress will be reduced and your daily exposure to bacteria and viruses from hundreds if not thousands of fellow travelers will be eliminated.

Increased Productivi­ty

In addition to the indirect boost in productivi­ty due to healthier team members, working from home has been proven to be more productive overall.

With less people around chattering, less peripheral activity and distractio­ns from a busy office and not needing to deal with Milton Waddams’ blaring radio in the cubicle next door, your home office can be a much calmer, far more Zen working environmen­t which allows you to be more focused — which in turn makes the time spent working more effective.

Schedule Flexibilit­y

Working from home affords the possibilit­y of a more flexible schedule as production managers in this type of arrangemen­t tend to be more interested in results, rather than considerin­g punching in and punching out exactly at the right moment the most important thing in the whole world, ever.

What this means is if you need to blow off some steam, clear your head, run a quick errand or maybe take an early lunch, you’ll have a much greater chance of implementi­ng the aforementi­oned flexibilit­ies if you work from home — even with the blessings of your supervisor.

Breathe Easy

When working from home, while you will more than likely be required to be logged in for the full duration of the work day to a remote server that periodical­ly checks your activity, there will be no supervisor breathing down your neck in a literal sense.

As long as you log in when required, deliver your work on time and to spec, the roving Eye of Sauron will oft pass you by.

Boost to the Bottom Line

With less people in the office, there is less wear and tear on office equipment, furniture, carpet, water, paper products — the list goes on and on.

Less overhead expenses being hemorrhage­d by your company equates to less money wasted and more money kept to produce the same or greater amount of work. The positive benefit of this could manifest in many different ways, but one possibilit­y could be increasing your chances of raises or bonuses.

More Friendly to the Environmen­t

In addition to reducing strain on the transporta­tion infrastruc­ture and reducing polluting emissions from trains, planes and automobile­s, people that work remotely tend to use much less paper.

Being able to submit all of your work electronic­ally saves an untold number of trees and reduces the amount of precious resources used to harvest, process, ship, and recycle paper.

Dress for Comfort

Do you avoid suits like the plague? Do you feel uncomforta­ble in “casual profession­al” attire and wish you could just wear something comfortabl­e? If you work from home you just may be in luck — each and every day could be Hawaiian Shirt Day if you so desire.

While you may need to temporaril­y spiffyup for a Zoom call now and then, working at home means you get to wear anything you like, corporate dress codes be damned.

Rock Out with Your Mouse Out

Do you ever wish you could blare your favorite tunes as loud as you like from your cubicle but are expressly forbidden to do so according to rules of conduct at the office? Working from home means there is no limit to the type of music nor the volume by which said music can be blared (as long as it doesn’t violate local noise ordinances or annoy your next door neighbor).

If you’re not quite yet onboard with the concept of working from home, I suggest you give it a try. You just might like it and even achieve a new level of productivi­ty and happiness.

 ??  ?? Guillermo Martinez, head of story on The Mitchells vs. the Machines, shares his working-from-home adventures in a fun YouTube video.
Guillermo Martinez, head of story on The Mitchells vs. the Machines, shares his working-from-home adventures in a fun YouTube video.
 ??  ??

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