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El Maestro and His Muse Dazzle Us Again!


There are days when we get so much animation news that we wish our print magazine was a daily and not a monthly. Today was one of those days. My amazing colleague Mercedes Milligan, who works her magic on our daily news site each and every day, told me that we had reached our daily online news limit at 11 a.m. Of course, according to Murphy’s Law, just when you file the last story of the day, suddenly all hell breaks loose and you have to reshuffle priorities and pay attention to bigger news items that land in your email inbox.

Yet, that is just one part of being a busy animation journalist. We also have the honor and privilege of bringing you exciting profiles and interviews with the creative forces behind some of the latest, coolest projects. For example, this month’s cover story is one of those fantastic shows that we’ve all been dying to see and write about: Maya and the Three. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love and admire animation auteur Jorge R. Gutiérrez and his talented wife and muse, Sandra Equihua?

Here at the magazine, we are always thrilled when Jorge has a new short, TV show or movie in the works, and he never disappoint­s. We were so happy to feature his previous projects El Tigre and The Book of Life on our covers in years past, and I have to say, this month’s cover image for his hot Netflix show is among our all-time favorites. Not only that, the dynamic duo are amazing interviews — funny, smart, kind and insightful. Why can’t everyone be more like them?

Jorge has also kindly agreed to open our World Animation & VFX Summit with one of his brilliant keynote speeches. If you want to catch the maestro live in the L.A. area (on the beautiful grounds of The Garland hotel — strict COVID rules apply!), make sure you sign up for the event (Nov. 7-10) on our website and take advantage of the early bird rates (www. animationm­ We will announce more news about the summit (which is finally live and in person) on our daily news website in the next few weeks, so make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter.

Our fall preview issue also includes informativ­e pieces about Locksmith Animation’s first movie, Ron’s Gone Wrong, penned by the amazing Karen Idelson; a behind-the-scenes feature about the new Star Trek: Prodigy series by the always entertaini­ng Tom McLean; a sneak peek at Netflix’s hot new adult animated show Inside Job by talented journo Michael Mallory; and fun pieces on shows such as Lucas the Spider, A Tale Dark & Grimm, The Smurfs and Beardy Bodo. Read on, and we promise you’ll be the best toon insider in your circle. Maybe you’ll also get some new creative ideas for this year’s Halloween costumes for the whole family!

 ?? Maya and the Three illustrati­on by Paul Sullivan. ??
Maya and the Three illustrati­on by Paul Sullivan.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Ramin Zahed
Editor in Chief ramin@animationm­
Ramin Zahed Editor in Chief ramin@animationm­

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