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Everyone’s favorite Bristol-based studio Aard

man Animations is moving full steam ahead with its new clay-animated preschool show The Very

Small Creatures. Aimed at one- to three-year olds, the recently greenlit show follows the adventures of five genderless, toddler-like clay creatures who explore a child’s play area when there’s nobody around. In each episode, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green explore their surroundin­gs and learn about the world around them, each other and themselves. As it has become customary in many animated kids’ shows these days, the series emphasizes kindness, empathy and teamwork. Luckily, each episode is also packed with comedic moments. Sky Kids has already commission­ed 20 three-minute episodes. The five characters first debuted back in the ’80s when they were introduced in Aardman’s classic show Morph.

The new series, which will premiere on Sky Kids in November, marks the series directoria­l debut of animator/artist Lucy Izzard. “It’s a show driven by five very cute clay creatures that act and behave like toddlers, learning about their physical world, themselves and each other,” she notes. “My two preschoole­rs have given me plenty of material to work from! I can’t wait to sit down on the sofa and show them the world they’ve inspired.”

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