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They All Live in a Blue Submarine


Canadian animation powerhouse Guru Studio will be introducin­g a wonderful new animated show called Big Blue at the fall market. The 2D, 52 x 11-minute series, which is set to premiere on CBC Kids in Canada later this year, was created by Animation Magazine’s Rising Star Gyimah Gariba. Here is the official synopsis: “Whenever there’s trouble, Captain Lettie and The Calypso Crew are there to help save the Big Blue and protect its quirky residents. On every mission, there’s always big adventure, plenty of laughs and even an occasional dance party! This fun-loving crew always sticks together, and with the help of a magical ocean fairy named Bacon Berry, they just might unravel the mysterious secrets of their underwater universe!”

Guru’s president and creative director Frank Falcone tells us, “Big Blue is a show with an incredibly strong creative vision. It’s really funny and delivers on the promise of a diverse modern family dynamic, with all of SpongeBob’s goofy dysfunctio­nal sensibilit­ies, sitting at the helm of an USS Enterprise-like submarine exploring a vast underwater fantasy universe. That’s what we have on-screen: missions, and a lot of comedy!”

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