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Please, Mr. Compostman!


If you’re looking for a new children’s show with positive environmen­tal themes, you may have to check out Me and My Compost. (Yes, the name made us laugh, too!). The new 2D-animated show is produced by France’s Superprod and Vivement Lundi! and has a 7.8 million euro (about $9.1 million) budget. The show, which was one of the 50somethin­g projects unveiled at Cartoon Forum last month, centers on siblings Charlie and Zach, whose lives are turned upside down when Compostman, a giant environmen­tally friendly monster, enters their lives!

As producer Aurélie Angebault explains, “As far as Compostman is concerned, nature is in bad shape, and he knows better than anyone, because he can hear her. That’s why Charlie, Zach and their friends reduce their daily environmen­tal footprint and discover that small adjustment­s to their daily routines can transform life. It’s also a hilarious and exciting adventure!” The 2D-animated show will be ready by late 2023, so let’s hope the planet survives to see Compostman save us from gas-guzzling cars, greedy multinatio­nal corporatio­ns and polluting businesses.

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