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Critters in Wide Open Spaces


Who can resist a little hamster who dreams of being a cowboy in the wild, wild west? Several European broadcaste­rs who have already signed up for Dandelooo’s charming 2D-animated series Billy the Cowboy Hamster. The preschool show, which was commission­ed by France Télévision­s, is currently in production at Dandelooo’s animation studio Ooolala in La Cartoucher­ie, Valance. The 52 x 11-minute show, which is based on a popular book series by Dutch author and illustrato­r Catharina Valckx and is directed by the talented Swiss illustrato­r Antoine Rota (Kaeloo) and Caz Murrell. The show follows three friends — Billy, Jean-Claude the worm and Suzie the stone marten — as they embark on thrill-seeking adventures.

Emmanuèle Pétry Sirvin, co-founder of Dandelooo, says, “We love the world created by Catharina Valckx based on sincere kindness and true friendship. We are honored and delighted to say that she loves our adaptation and will include the new characters we created into her future books, too!” And yes, that sound you hear are little hamsters around the world falling off their wheels as they stop to cheer the news!

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