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Animals Watching Themselves


Jetpack Distributi­on has acquired worldwide rights to cartoon spoof animal documentar­y Critters TV, from Dublin-based Turnip & Duck. The 26 x 11-minute, 2D Flash/live-action hybrid series for kids four to eight was funded by Screen Ireland, RTÉjr and the Broadcasti­ng Authority of Ireland with the support of incentives for the Irish Film Industry provided by the Government of Ireland. The sketchstyl­e series gives audiences an animal’s-eye view on nature docs as different animal families gather round the TV, offering humorous observatio­ns and amazing facts about the natural world. The show features six animal families : the foxes, badgers, squirrels, ticks, hedgehogs and owls. Each day, as they tune into their favorite live-action TV shows (Critters TV), audiences get to watch them in their natural habitats, learning real facts about animals in the real world, while being entertaine­d by the animated critters! We’d rather watch these animal stars than live-action reality show bores any day!

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