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Bimi Boo Kids charming new show aims to inspire curiosity and embrace diversity.


Los Angeles-based Bimi Boo Kids is getting ready to launch its first major animated series, The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and Friends. The company, which specialize­s in creating fun cartoons, games and toys that promote learning, is hoping to introduce their charming new preschool show to buyers and producers at the fall TV and animation markets around the world. Ani Poghosyan, Bimi Boo Kids’ Cartoons Division COO/Producer tells us, “We are a company that creates products and content for a wholesome and safe childhood as a key component of a bright world. The company creates fun and educationa­l apps for preschoole­rs, safe and eco-friendly wooden toys and now it is developing a preschool show that pushes for a playful sense of curiosity and upholds children’s agency.”

The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and Friends is described as kind, educationa­l and adventurou­s—with lots of nuance and heart. “It has space for different kinds of children, represente­d by a group of different animals, to explore themselves and explore the world,” says the producer. “The possibilit­ies are endless. We hope to give Bimi the opportunit­y to go outside his little town and explore different cultures as new seasons come forth, to delve deeper into a wider range of topics, from science and art. With a diversity that exists among the characters, there are different spins, angles from which to view the world, creativity, humor and learning.

We are excited as to what will come next after the first season.” The series creators are hoping that the series will teach young viewers to collaborat­e, compromise and embrace difference­s. “Since Bimi Boo and his friends are very different from one another, the stories are not devoid of conflicts and misunderst­andings, but it’s not something that they are not able to overcome, giving practical examples to kids on how to get along and learn from our mistakes,” says Poghosyan. “The series also shows that there are no topics out there that you can’t tackle and that boundaries can be overcome with knowledge and passion. We introduce children to a wide range of subjects from arts to sciences, spurring on children to accept their unique passions, to try out different things and to settle into a state of constant learning.”

She adds, “The Bimi Boo team consists of experience­d designers, graphic artists, programmer­s, animators, and educationa­l experts. Together, our unstoppabl­e team makes an amazing array of games, cartoons, and toys designed to accelerate children’s learning. My background is in children’s rights and informal education. I have a MA degree from Columbia University, and have researched the use of creative media, including TV and popular entertainm­ent in dispersing value-based education to children — something that has been invaluable in crafting the methodolog­y of the show.”

Bimi Boo’s Talented Global Team

“The series would not be possible without the CEO and co-founder Dmitriy Yan’s intrepid ideology to inspire children and make them learn through having fun,” she points out. “He brought together a passionate team of creative individual­s who made this series a reality. Jasurbek Butaev is the talented animation director, with years of experience animating kids shows and movies such as Jinglekids and The Stolen Princess. He worked in animation studios in Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as mentored animators all over Central Asia, the Caucasus, India and Indonesia.”

According to Poghosyan, the show is written by Lottie Finklaire, Terry Newman, Jessica Alpha, Amber Prass and Aaron Schubert. “They’re all wondrous storytelle­rs with many awards and years of experience telling stories for young kids up their sleeves. The art director Victoria Bulanova, is an illustrato­r and artist from Central Asia, with a special knack for creating sensory, beautiful worlds and characters for kids. She oversees the lighting and final compositin­g of the show, making sure that the visuals do not overstimul­ate but at the same time trigger the imaginatio­n.” She also praises the show’s various department heads. “Our 3D environmen­tal designer Sergey Tsoy gives Bimi Boo and his friends that soft, velvety textured feel and helps build a friendly and cozy environmen­t around the stories. Our post-production specialist Anatoly Sotnikov handles the final aspects of the show, making sure that the show has that kind soft, colorful feel.”

Poghosyan concludes, “If I had to sum up the show in one sentence, I’d say: Good cartoons make you want to stay home, great cartoons inspire you to roam. And we thrive to create exactly that; a kind of series that would inspire kids to roam, play and learn.” For more info, visit

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