Skill Lev­els

Annie's Fast, Easy, Fun, Crochet Fall 2018 - - Crochet Basics -


Projects for first-time cro­cheters us­ing ba­sic stitches, with lit­tle or no shap­ing.


Projects for new cro­cheters who are com­fort­able with the begin­ner ba­sic stitches and are ready to com­bine them into short pat­tern se­quences. Skills in­clude sim­ple in­creas­ing, de­creas­ing and min­i­mal color changes.


Projects pat­terns, us­ing sim­ple ba­sic color stitches, changes, repet­i­tive and easy stitch shap­ing and fin­ish­ing. Sim­ple in-the-round projects, such as coast­ers, hot mats, flow­ers, hats, neck warm­ers and cowls fall within this skill cat­e­gory, as well as the abil­ity to read sim­ple stitch charts and keys.


Projects that in­cor­po­rate a wide va­ri­ety of stitch tech­niques beyond the ba­sics, such as shells, fans, pop­corns, clus­ters, post stitches, ba­sic ca­bles, lace, sim­ple in­tar­sia, shap­ing and fin­ish­ing. The cro­cheter has the abil­ity to read more ad­vanced stitch pat­tern charts, such as lace and ca­ble charts.


Projects that uti­lize a wide va­ri­ety of stitches and tech­niques such as those noted above, as well as de­tailed col­or­work, shap­ing, con­struc­tion and fin­ish­ing.


Projects that re­quire an in­tu­itive un­der­stand­ing of a pat­tern or chart, and that also in­clude ad­vanced stitches and tech­niques, as well as in­tri­cate meth­ods such as in­tar­sia, ca­bles, lace, stranded col­or­work with nu­mer­ous color changes, and ad­vanced shap­ing and con­struc­tion tech­niques.

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