Yo-yo Tree Or­na­ment

Annie's Christmas Winter 2018 Special - - Contents - De­sign by Chris Malone

Skill Level


Fin­ished Size Or­na­ment Size: 3" x 4", ex­clud­ing hanger Ma­te­ri­als

• Bat­ting scraps

• Thread

• No. 8 pearl cot­ton


• Fab­ric glue

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• 6 co­or­di­nat­ing scraps

• Wooden spool: small vin­tage spool

with thread or new empty spool

• 4( 3/8"–1/2") round flat but­tons

• ¾" white star but­ton

• No. 5 pearl cot­ton to wrap spool

• Long large- eye nee­dle

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


Pre­pare a tem­plate for each size cir­cle us­ing pat­terns given in the in­sert. Cut as di­rected on pat­terns.

Com­plet­ing the Yo-yos

1. Pair each fab­ric cir­cle with a bat­ting cir­cle half the size of the fab­ric cir­cle; for ex­am­ple, a 6" fab­ric cir­cle with a 3" bat­ting cir­cle.

2. Cen­ter the bat­ting cir­cle on the wrong side of the fab­ric cir­cle; with pin on the right side of the fab­ric, pin to se­cure.

3. Thread a nee­dle with a dou­bled length of thread and knot the end.

4. Fin­ger-press a 1⁄8" hem to the in­side of the fab­ric as you sew ¼" gath­er­ing stitches all around the edge of the cir­cle, close to fold as shown in Fig­ure 1.

5. Pull the thread to gather the edge into a tight cir­cle, mov­ing the hole to the cen­ter with your fin­gers as you pull as shown in Fig­ure 2. Note: The bat­ting will fit in­side the cir­cle and give more body to the yo-yo.

Fig­ure 2

6. Re­peat steps 2–5 to com­plete one yo-yo in each size.

Com­plet­ing the Or­na­ments

1. Ap­ply small dots of glue to the back of each round but­ton, plac­ing glue on the outer edges and not in the cen­ter.

2. Press a but­ton to the top cen­ter of each of the four largest yo-yos as shown in Fig­ure 3. Note: But­tons serve as spac­ers be­tween the lay­ers.

3. To as­sem­ble the tree, thread a long large- eye nee­dle with an 18" length of No. 8 pearl cot­ton and knot one end— do not dou­ble the thread.

4. Com­ing up from the cen­ter back of the largest yo-yo, go through the but­ton and into the cen­ter back of the next largest yo-yo. Go through that but­ton and re­peat with the four re­main­ing yo-yos in de­scend­ing sizes. Note: There is no but­ton be­tween the top two yo-yos.

5. Bring the nee­dle up through the hole in the cen­ter of the small­est top yo-yo and up through the holes in the star but­ton from the back to the front and then to the back again.

6. Leav­ing a 2" loop for a hanger, take the nee­dle back through the star but­ton and through all the yo-yo lay­ers to the bot­tom again. Pull the stack to­gether with the star touch­ing the tree­top and knot the thread at the bot­tom as shown in Fig­ure 4.

7. If us­ing a new empty spool, ap­ply a thin layer of glue to the cen­ter and wrap No. 5 pearl cot­ton in rows all around to cover.

8. Glue the spool to the cen­ter of the largest bot­tom yo-yo to fin­ish. •

Fig­ure 1

Fig­ure 4

Yo-yo Tree Or­na­ment Place­ment Di­a­gram 3" x 4", ex­clud­ing hanger

Fig­ure 3

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