Snow­man Or­na­ments

Annie's Christmas Winter 2018 Special - - Contents - De­sign by Marji Lafre­niere

Skill Level


Fin­ished Mea­sure­ment Di­am­e­ter: 21/2 inches Ma­te­ri­als

• Cascade 220 (worsted weight; 100% wool; 220 yds/100g per skein): 1 skein white #8505 (A) and small amounts of Christ­mas red #8895 (B), Christ­mas green #8894 (C) and blue vel­vet #7818 (D) for hats • Small amounts of black and orange

wool rov­ing • Size 5 (3.5mm) dou­ble-point nee­dles (set of 4) or size needed to ob­tain gauge • Nee­dle-felt­ing nee­dle • Stitch marker • 21/2-inch di­am­e­ter poly­styrene ball


22 sts = 4 inches/10cm in St st.

To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tions Make 1 (M1):

In­sert LH nee­dle from front to back un­der hor­i­zon­tal strand be­tween last st worked and next st on LH nee­dle; knit through back of re­sult­ing loop.

Cen­tered Dou­ble De­crease (CDD):

Slip next 2 sts as if to k2­tog, k1, p2sso to dec 2 sts.

Pat­tern Notes

Cov­er­ing is worked in the round.

Poly­styrene ball is in­serted into knit­ted cover while de­creas­ing; weave in cast- on end at this point. Cover will be com­pleted with ball in place.

Hat is knit separately in the round, then sewn onto the cov­er­ing.

Eyes, nose and mouth are cre­ated and at­tached to cov­er­ing by needle­felt­ing.

Snow­man In­creas­ing Sec­tion

With A and 1 dpn, cast on 12 sts.

Di­vide sts onto 3 dpns (4 on each dpn); mark beg of rnd and join, be­ing care­ful not to twist.

Rnd 1: Knit.

Rnd 2: K1, [M1, k2] 5 times, M1, k1—18 sts.

Rnd 3: Knit.

Rnd 4: K1, [M1, k3] 5 times, M1, k2—24 sts.

Rnd 5: Knit.

Rnd 6: K1, [M1, k4] 5 times, M1, k3—30 sts.

Rnd 7: Knit.

Rnd 8: K1, [M1, k5] 5 times, M1, k4—36 sts.

Rnd 9: Knit.

Rnd 10: K1, [M1, k6] 5 times, M1, k5— 42 sts.

Rnd 11: K1, [M1, k14] twice, M1, k13— 45 sts.

Cen­ter Sec­tion

Knit 7 rnds.

De­creas­ing Sec­tion Rnd 1: [Ssk, k13] 3 times— 42 sts.

Rnd 2: [Ssk, k5] 6 times—36 sts.

Rnd 3: Knit.

Rnd 4: [Ssk, k4] 6 times—30 sts.

Rnd 5: K15. Turn fab­ric in­side out and weave in end. Turn fab­ric right side out; in­sert ball, stretch­ing sts as nec­es­sary. K15 to end of rnd.

Rnd 6: [Ssk, k3] 6 times—24 sts.

Rnd 7: Knit.

Rnd 8: [Ssk, k2] 6 times—18 sts.

Rnd 9: Knit.

Rnd 10: [Ssk, k1] 6 times—12 sts. Cut yarn, leav­ing an 8-inch tail. Thread tail twice through rem sts and pull tight.

Weave in tail on WS by touch.


Us­ing dpn and color of choice and leav­ing a 24-inch tail, cast on 44 sts.

Di­vide sts onto 3 dpns; mark beg of rnd and join, be­ing care­ful not to twist.

Rnds 1– 4: *K2, p2; rep from * around.

Rnd 5: Purl.

Rnd 6: K4, [k2­tog, k9] 3 times, k2­tog, k5— 40 sts.

Rnd 7: Knit.

Rnd 8: K3, [CDD, k7] 3 times, CDD, k4—32 sts.

Rnd 9: Knit.

Rnd 10: K2, [CDD, k5] 3 times, CDD, k3—24 sts.

Rnd 11: Knit.

Rnd 12: K1, [CDD, k3] 3 times, CDD, k2—16 sts.

Rnd 13: Knit.

Rnd 14: [CDD, k1] 4 times— 8 sts.

Cut yarn; us­ing ta­pes­try nee­dle, , thread tail through rem sts.

Fas­ten off and weave in end.

Do not weave in cast- on tail.

Fin­ish­ing & As­sem­bly


Wrap A around 2 fin­gers ap­prox 25 times and then care­fully re­move fin­gers and cut A.

Wrap 8-inch strand of A tightly around cen­ter of wraps and tie.

Cut through folded ends of wraps. Do not cut ends of cen­ter tie.

Fluff pom­pom and trim ends to ap­prox 1 inch.

Use cen­ter tie to at­tach pom­pom to top of hat, then se­cure ends in­side hat.

Us­ing the cast- on tail of hat, tack the hat to the ball, plac­ing it a bit off cen­ter so that there is room to cre­ate the face (see photo).


Note: Re­fer to photo as nec­es­sary for place­ment of fea­tures.

Us­ing orange rov­ing and needle­felt­ing nee­dle, form a lit­tle “car­rot­shaped" piece and then nee­dle-felt it di­rectly onto the ball. It should ad­here to the knit­ted fab­ric; some of the fibers will also go into the poly­styrene ball.

Pull apart black rov­ing and use fin­gers to roll 7 or 8 lit­tle balls, about the size of the head of a glass-headed pin or a No. 6 seed bead. Make 2 of them a lit­tle bit larger for the eyes.

Us­ing nee­dle-felt­ing nee­dle, at­tach the lit­tle black balls to the face for eyes and mouth in the same man­ner as for the car­rot nose.

Use a strand of yarn or fish­ing line to make a hanger for or­na­ment, thread­ing it through the knit­ted ball and hat (see photo). •

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