Farmer Santa Or­na­ment

Annie's Christmas Winter 2018 Special - - Contents - De­sign by Chris Malone

Skill Level


Fin­ished Size Or­na­ment Size: 31/4" x 71/2"


• Scrap red flan­nel

checked flan­nel

plush felt

• Thread

pearl cot­ton

• But­tons:

• 1 (5mm) pink bead

Ma­te­ri­als listed make 1 or­na­ment.

• Scraps black solid and white tonal

• 2" x 9" strip pink solid

• 21/2" x 9" strip red-and-black

• 3" x 9" strip blue denim

• 3/8" x 5" strip white fake fur or

• Scraps low-loft bat­ting

• Small amount of fiber­fill

• 8" red thin twisted cord or size 3

• 1 (7mm) white pom­pom

1( 5/8"- di­am­e­ter) black

2( 3/ 16"- di­am­e­ter) black

• Fab­ric glue

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


Pre­pare tem­plates us­ing pat­terns given in the in­sert.

Com­plet­ing the Or­na­ment

1. Sew the three fab­ric strips to­gether on the 9" sides with the pink solid at the top, the red-and­black checked flan­nel in the cen­ter and the blue denim on the bot­tom. Cut the strip set in half across seams; press seams on one half in one di­rec­tion and in the op­po­site di­rec­tion on the other half.

2. Trans­fer hor­i­zon­tal place­ment lines from the body pat­tern to the pre­pared tem­plate.

3. Trace around the body shape on the wrong side of one of the strip sets cut in step 1, match­ing hor­i­zon­tal lines on the tem­plate with

the seam lines on the strip set as shown in Fig­ure 1.

4. Place the marked strip set right sides to­gether with the sec­ond strip set, match­ing seams; pin to a bat­ting scrap. Stitch on the traced lines, leav­ing a 2" open­ing in the cen­ter of the bot­tom edge as shown in Fig­ure 2.

5. Cut out body shape 1/8" from the seam; clip curves. Turn right side out through the open­ing; press edges flat and smooth.

6. In­sert fiber­fill through bot­tom open­ing to lightly stuff the stitched body.

7. Trace the boots shape onto the wrong side of the black solid. Fold the fab­ric in half with right sides to­gether and traced shape on top; pin to a bat­ting scrap. Sew all around traced lines, leav­ing the top edge open. Cut out 1/8" from the seam; clip curves. Turn right side out.

8. Press edges flat and smooth. Stitch down the cen­ter with black thread as shown in Fig­ure 3.

9. Fold in the seam al­lowance on the body open­ing and in­sert the top of the boots 1/4" in­side; pin to hold. Stitch the open­ing closed by sewing small stitches back and forth from front to back, catch­ing the folded edges of the open­ing and sewing through the boots as shown in Fig­ure 4.

10. Sew a 11/8"-long line down the cen­ter of the pants as marked on pat­tern with match­ing thread to make legs as shown in Fig­ure 5.

11. Trace the beard and mus­tache shapes on the wrong side of the white tonal. Fold the fab­ric in half with right sides to­gether and traced shapes on top; pin to a scrap of bat­ting.

12. Sew all around on the traced lines. Cut out 1/8" from the seam; clip curves.

13. Make a slit through one fab­ric layer only on each shape. Turn shapes right side out through the open­ing. Press edges flat and smooth.

14. Whip­stitch (see page 125) the open­ing edges to­gether as shown in Fig­ure 6.

15. Ap­ply small dots of fab­ric glue to the wrong side of the beard at the top and down the cen­ter, but leave the edges free. Press the beard to the front of Santa.

16. Us­ing dou­bled, knot­ted thread, make two gath­er­ing stitches up the cen­ter of the mus­tache; pull thread to gather tightly and wrap the thread around the cen­ter as shown in Fig­ure 7.

17. Knot the thread in the back and use the same thread to tack the mus­tache to the face above the beard.

18. Re­peat steps 11 and 12 with the hat pat­tern and red flan­nel (with­out bat­ting) ex­cept leave the bot­tom edge open.

19. Turn right side out and in­sert a small amount of fiber­fill into the hat.

Farmer Santa Or­na­ment Place­ment Di­a­gram 31/ x 71/ 4" 2"

Fig­ure 7

Fig­ure 2

Fig­ure 1

Fig­ure 5

Fig­ure 4

Fig­ure 6

Fig­ure 3

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