Cuppa Coaster

Ev­ery cof­fee or tea drinker needs at least one of these.

Annie's Quilt Spring 2019 - - Contents - De­sign by Chris Malone


Skill Level: Con­fi­dent Be­gin­ner Coaster Size: 5" x 5", ex­clud­ing han­dle •

• 11/2" x 7" strip each 5 orange prints

• 1 fat quar­ter turquoise solid

• 11" square cot­ton bat­ting

• Thread

• 8( 1/2") orange but­tons

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies

Cut­ting From turquoise solid:

Cut 4 (11/2" x 51/2") bias strips for han­dles.

• Cut 4 (11/2" x 51/2") B rec­tan­gles.

• Cut 4 (31/2" x 51/2") A rec­tan­gles.

• Cut 4 (51/2") squares for back­ing.


Makes 4 coast­ers. Pre­pare a trim­ming tem­plate for the cup bot­tom us­ing pat­tern given.

From cot­ton bat­ting:

• Cut 4 (51/2") squares.

Com­plet­ing the Coast­ers

1. Join the five orange print strips along the 7" sides to make a 51/2" x 7" pieced rec­tan­gle; press 2" seams open.

2. Sub­cut the pieced rec­tan­gle into four (11/2" x 51/2") C seg­ments as shown in Fig­ure 1.

3. To com­plete one coaster, sew A to one side and B to the other side of one C seg­ment as shown in Fig­ure 2; press seams open.

4. Trace the pre­pared tem­plate onto the A part of the A-B- C unit and trim as shown in Fig­ure 3. Re­peat with a back­ing square.

5. Fold one han­dle bias strip in half along length and press. Open up the strip and fold each side edge in­ward to the crease on the wrong side and press as shown in Fig­ure 4.

6. Re­fold the strip in half along the length and top­stitch close to each long edge to com­plete the han­dle as shown in Fig­ure 5.

7. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 6, pin one end of the han­dle strip to the right-hand side of the A-B- C unit about 1/2" down from the top and pin the other end of strip 31/2" down from the top edge; stitch han­dle in place to se­cure and trim off ex­tend­ing ends. Note: The han­dle may bow up­ward, so use a steam iron to press the curve.

8. Layer one bat­ting square, the pre­pared back­ing right side up and the cup front right side down; pin to se­cure.

9. Sew all around us­ing a 1/4" seam al­lowance, leav­ing a 21/2" open­ing at the top edge as shown in Fig­ure 7.

10. Trim the bat­ting close to the seam and trim the cor­ners. Turn right side out through the open­ing. Fold in the seam al­lowance at the open­ing and slip­stitch the folded edges to­gether to close. Press, flip­ping han­dle out to lay flat.

11. Top­stitch all around the coaster close to the edge, in­clud­ing han­dle.

12. Quilt as de­sired.

13. Add but­tons as de­sired, re­fer­ring to the Place­ment Di­a­gram and pho­to­graphs for po­si­tion­ing on sam­ples.

14. Re­peat steps 3–13 to make a to­tal of four coast­ers.

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