Nest­ing Bread Bas­kets

Make a set or two of these gor­geous bread bas­kets in an af­ter­noon. Use sea­sonal fab­rics for that spe­cial touch to com­plete any ta­ble.

Annie's Quilt Spring 2019 - - Contents - De­signed & Quilted by Denise Rus­sell of Pieced Brain


Skill Level: Be­gin­ner Small Bread Bas­ket Size: 11" x 14" flat; 5" x 8" folded Large Bread Bas­ket Size: 14" x 17" flat; 8" x 11" folded


• 2 fat quar­ters flo­ral

• 2 fat quar­ters co­or­di­nat­ing tonal

• 2 bat­ting rec­tan­gles 18" x 21"*

• Thread

• 41/2 yards 3/8"- wide gros­grain rib­bon

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• Wa­ter-erasable marker

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies

*Byan­nie’s Soft and Stable™ bat­ting used to make sam­ple.

Com­plet­ing the Bread Bas­kets

1. Pre­pare tem­plates for large and small shells us­ing pat­terns given.

2. Fold one flo­ral fat quar­ter in quar­ters with wrong side out and crease; pin to hold.

3. Place the large shell pat­tern marked side up on the folded fat quar­ter, plac­ing the edges marked “Place on fold” on the folded edges of the fat quar­ter as shown in Fig­ure 1.

4. Trace around re­main­ing two edges of the tem­plate, re­move tem­plate and cut 1/4" from the marked line all around as shown in Fig­ure 2.

5. Place the large shell piece right sides to­gether with a co­or­di­nat­ing tonal fat quar­ter on top of a bat­ting rec­tan­gle and stitch all around us­ing a 1/4" seam al­lowance and leav­ing a 4" open­ing on one side as shown in Fig­ure 3.

6. Trim bat­ting and tonal fab­ric close to stitch­ing and clip into in­ner and outer curves as shown in Fig­ure 4.

7. Turn right side out through the open­ing; press edges flat. Turn open­ing edge to the in­side and hand-stitch the open­ing closed.

8. Mea­sure, mark and stitch a 71/2" x 103/4" rec­tan­gle in the cen­ter of the stitched shell as shown in Fig­ure 5.

9. Mea­sure 3" in from each cor­ner on the flo­ral side to the cor­ners of the stitched rec­tan­gle and mark as shown in Fig­ure 6.

10. Cut four 19" lengths of rib­bon.

11. Place one edge of the rib­bon on a marked cor­ner line and stitch to the cen­ter, turn rib­bon, mak­ing a mitered cor­ner, and stitch to the outer edge as shown in Fig­ure 7.

12. Stitch the other edge of the rib­bon in place and along the folded, mitered cor­ner to fin­ish one cor­ner tie as shown in Fig­ure 8.

13. Re­peat steps 11 and 12 on each of the re­main­ing cor­ners to fin­ish.

14. Quilt as de­sired.

Here’s a Tip

When sewing rib­bon in place, stitch along both edges so they won’t curl up with use.

15. To use, fold up sides along the in­ner stitched rec­tan­gle and tie a bow at each cor­ner.

16. Re­peat steps 2–15 with the sec­ond fat quar­ter set and bat­ting rec­tan­gle, us­ing the small shell pat­tern and stitch­ing a 5" x 8" rec­tan­gle in the cen­ter to make a smaller bread bas­ket. l

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