Topsy-Turvy Ta­ble Top­per

Annie's Quilting for the Home - - Con­tents - De­sign by Con­nie Rand

Use straight lines to cre­ate the gen­tle curves in this clever ta­ble top­per.


Skill Level: In­ter­me­di­ate Top­per Size: 261/2" x 261/2"


• 1 fat quar­ter muslin

• 1 fat quar­ter black metal­lic print

• 1 fat quar­ter black-and-white print

• 1⁄3 yard black solid

• 1/2 yard red dot

• Bat­ting 32" x 32"

• Back­ing 32" x 32"

• All-pur­pose thread to match fab­rics

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


1. Pre­pare tem­plates us­ing pat­terns given; cut as di­rected on each piece.

2. Pre­pare 13 copies each of the A and B pa­per-piec­ing pat­terns us­ing full-size pat­terns given.

3. Cut two 11/2" x 19" H strips and two 11/2" x 21" I strips black-and­white print.

4. Cut four 31/2" x 21" J strips red dot.

5. Cut four 31/2" x 31/2" K squares black metal­lic print.

6. Cut three 21/4" by fab­ric width strips black solid for bind­ing.

Com­plet­ing the Top­per

1. Cut up two of each pa­per-piec­ing pat­tern to use as tem­plates. Note: Be­cause piece 4 cuts across pieces 1, 2 and 3, it is not pos­si­ble to cut all four pieces from just one pa­per-piec­ing pat­tern. Cut fab­ric pieces in col­ors as di­rected for A and B units at least 1/4"– 1/2" larger than each num­bered space.

2. To com­plete A sec­tions, lay fab­ric patch 1 over the space num­bered 1 on the un­marked side of the pa­per pat­tern. Note: Hold the pinned sec­tion up to the light and view from the marked side to be sure the fab­ric patch ex­tends be­yond the lines for piece 1.

3. Set ma­chine stitch length to 25 stitches per inch or 1.5. Pin fab­ric patch 2 right sides to­gether with piece 1; stitch on the marked side of the pa­per along the line sep­a­rat­ing pieces 1 and 2 as shown in Fig­ure 1.

4. Trim seam al­lowance to 1⁄8"–1/4"; press piece 2 to the right side as shown in Fig­ure 2.

5. Add re­main­ing pieces in nu­mer­i­cal or­der, press­ing each piece to the right side be­fore adding the next piece and ex­tend­ing stitch­ing lines into the seam al­lowance for all edge pieces of the unit. When all pieces are added, trim outer edges of the stitched unit along marked outer line; set aside.

6. Con­tinue pa­per piec­ing units un­til you have com­pleted 12 each A and B units as shown in Fig­ure 3.

7. Join three each A and B units to make an A-B sec­tion as shown in Fig­ure 4; press seams open. Re­peat to make four A-B sec­tions.

8. Sew E to G as shown in Fig­ure 5; press seams to­ward E. Re­peat to make four E-G units.

9. Sew E to F to G to F to E and add D, press­ing seams to­ward G and D to make a side unit as shown in Fig­ure 6; re­peat to make four side units.

10. Join an A-B sec­tion, two side units and one E-G unit to com­plete a corner unit as shown in Fig­ure 7; press seams to­ward E-G and side units. Re­peat to make two corner units.

11. Sew an E-G unit to an A-B sec­tion as shown in Fig­ure 8; press seams to­ward E-G unit. Re­peat to make two A-B-E-G units.

12. Join the two A-B-E-G units with C to com­plete the cen­ter unit, again re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 8; press seams to­ward C.

13. Sew a corner unit to op­po­site sides of the cen­ter unit to com­plete the pieced cen­ter as shown in Fig­ure 9; press seams to­ward the cen­ter unit.

14. Sew H strips to op­po­site sides and I strips to top and bot­tom of the pieced cen­ter; press seams to­ward H and I strips.

15. Sew J strips to op­po­site sides of the pieced cen­ter; press seams to­ward J strips.

16. Sew a K square to each end of each re­main­ing J strip; press seams to­ward J strips. Sew the J-K strips to top and bot­tom of the pieced cen­ter to com­plete the pieced top. Press seams to­ward the J-K strips.

17. Re­move all pa­per pat­terns.

18. Sand­wich bat­ting be­tween the pre­pared back­ing and pieced top; pin or baste lay­ers to­gether to hold.

19. Quilt as de­sired by hand or ma­chine. When quilt­ing is com­plete, trim ex­cess bat­ting and back­ing even with edges of the quilted top.

20. Join bind­ing strips on short ends with di­ag­o­nal seams to make one long strip; trim seams to 1/4" and press seams open.

21. Fold bind­ing strip in half wrong sides to­gether along length; press.

22. Sew bind­ing to the right side of the quilted top, mi­ter­ing cor­ners and over­lap­ping ends; press bind­ing away from edges and turn to the back side. Hand- or ma­chine-stitch in place to fin­ish.

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