Spring’s Here! Wreath

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Re­fresh a door or en­try­way with this hos­pi­tal­ity wreath and add a burst of spring color at the same time.


Skill Level: Con­fi­dent Begin­ner Wreath Size: 14" di­am­e­ter


• Scraps yel­low dots and or­ange dots

• 10 scraps green dots, prints and tonals, each at least 6" square

• 1/4 yard or fat quar­ter white tonal

• 1/2 yard green check

• Scraps low-loft bat­ting: enough 3"-wide pieces to make a strip about 41/2 yards long

• 18" square bat­ting

• Green thread

• White quilt­ing or ex­tra-strong thread

• 14"-di­am­e­ter foam wreath

• But­tons: 1 (7⁄8") round shank 2 (3/4") round shank 5 (7⁄16") flat white

• Quick-set fab­ric ad­he­sive or hotglue gun

• 1/2"-di­am­e­ter white plas­tic ring

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


Pre­pare tem­plates for cir­cles, petals and leaf us­ing pat­terns given. Cut pieces as per pat­terns and in­struc­tions.

From green check:

• Cut 4 (31/2" by fab­ric width) strips.

From bat­ting scraps:

• Cut 3"-wide strips to make a strip about 41/2 yards long for wrap­ping the foam wreath.

• Cut 2 (13/4") and 1 (21/4") cir­cles us­ing pre­pared tem­plates.

Com­plet­ing the Flow­ers & Leaves

1. Trace seven large petals and 14 small petals onto the wrong side of the white tonal, leav­ing 1/2" space be­tween the shapes.

2. Fold the fab­ric in half, right sides to­gether with traced shapes on top and pin to the 18" square of bat­ting as shown in Fig­ure 1.

3. Sew around the curved edge of each traced pe­tal shape, leav­ing the straight end un­stitched as shown in Fig­ure 2.

4. Cut out each pe­tal, leav­ing 1⁄8" seam al­lowance around the stitched edges. Cut along the traced line on the open end as shown in Fig­ure 3.

5. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 4, trim bat­ting close to seam and clip curves.

6. Turn right side out and press edges smooth and flat. Top­stitch 1/4" from the edges of each pe­tal and through the cen­ter about 2⁄3 of the way as shown in Fig­ure 5.

7. To make flow­ers, thread a nee­dle with a dou­ble strand of white quilt­ing thread. Knot the end and take sev­eral gath­er­ing stitches across the bot­tom edge of a pe­tal as shown in Fig­ure 6.

8. Pull the thread to gather and then insert the nee­dle into the bot­tom edge of a se­cond pe­tal and re­peat re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 7.

9. Re­peat step 8 un­til there are seven gath­ered petals on the thread; pull tightly into a cir­cle and knot thread to fin­ish one flower as shown in Fig­ure 8.

10. Re­peat steps 7–9 to com­plete a to­tal of one large and two small flow­ers.

11. Place a 21/4" bat­ting cir­cle on the wrong side of a 21/4" fab­ric cir­cle and sew gath­er­ing stitches all around the edge.

12. Place the 7⁄8" shank but­ton round side down in the bat­ting cen­ter and pull the thread to gather the edges close to the shank as shown in Fig­ure 9 to com­plete a large flower cen­ter.

13. Re­peat steps 11 and 12 with the 13/4" bat­ting and fab­ric cir­cles to com­plete two small flower cen­ters.

14. Glue the large flower cen­ter to the cen­ter of the large flower and the small flower cen­ters to the small flow­ers.

15. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 10, fin­ger­press 1/4" to the wrong side on the outer edge of a yo-yo cir­cle. Us­ing a knot­ted thread, stitch all around the folded edge. Pull the thread to gather edges into a cir­cle with a hole in the cen­ter; knot the thread on the back.

16. Sew a white but­ton in the cen­ter of the yo-yo to fin­ish a yo-yo flower.

17. Re­peat steps 15 and 16 to make a to­tal of five yo-yo flow­ers.

18. Fold each of the green scrap squares in half with right sides to­gether; trace one leaf shape on one side of each square. Pin each folded square to the re­main­der of the bat­ting square that was used for petals.

19. Re­peat steps 3–5 of Com­plet­ing the Flow­ers & Leaves to make five leaves and five re­versed leaves, stitch­ing around the en­tire shape.

20. Cut a slit through one side of each leaf; turn right side out through slit. Slip­stitch slit closed.

21. Stitch vein lines on each com­pleted leaf re­fer­ring to the pat­tern for stitch­ing sug­ges­tions (Fig­ure 11).

Com­plet­ing the Wreath

1. Join the 31/2"-wide green check strips on the short ends to make a long strip. Fold and press a 1/2" hem on one long edge of the strip.

2. Join the 3"-wide bat­ting strips on the short ends to make a long strip.

3. Place the bat­ting strip on the wrong side of the fab­ric strip with one long edge tucked un­der the folded hem as shown in Fig­ure 12; pin to se­cure with pins on the out­side of the fab­ric for easy re­moval later.

4. Pin one end of the fab­ric/bat­ting strip at the back of the wreath and be­gin to spiral-wrap the strip around the wreath, over­lap­ping the edges, keep­ing it snug against the wreath form as shown in Fig­ure 13. When wreath is com­pletely cov­ered, trim the end as nec­es­sary and glue or whip­stitch to the back of the wreath.

5. Re­fer­ring to pro­ject photo and Place­ment Di­a­gram, ar­range the three petaled flow­ers, five yo-yo flow­ers and 10 leaves on the wreath. When sat­is­fied with po­si­tion­ing, re­move each flower shape and ap­ply glue to the cen­ter and re­po­si­tion it on the wreath. Ap­ply glue to the back of each leaf just where it touches the wreath and press in place.

6. Sew the plas­tic ring to the top back of the wreath for a hanger.

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