Wine & Cheese Ta­ble Set

Annie's Quilting for the Home - - Contents - De­signs by Carolyn S. Vagts for The Vil­lage Pat­tern Co.

This set adds the per­fect touch to an adult gath­er­ing. Serve wine and cheese, and im­press your guests with your quilt­ing skills at the same time.


Skill Level: Con­fi­dent Begin­ner Nap­kin Size: 161/2" x 161/2" Place Mat Size: 16" x 16" Cheese Tray Size: 8"x 8" x 21/2"


• 1/4 yard tan solid

• 1/2 yard black print

• 1 yard black solid

• 21⁄8 yards tan print

• 14" square Craf-Tex fusible in­ter­fac­ing

• Bat­ting 2 (18") squares

• Thread

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies

Pro­ject Note

In­struc­tions are for two each nap­kins and place mats, and one cheese tray.

Cut­ting From tan solid:

• Cut 4 (11/2" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut into 8 (11/2" x 18") F strips.

From black print:

• Cut 1 (14" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut into 1 (14") E square. Trim re­main­der of strip to 121/2" wide and sub­cut into 2 (121/2") B squares.

From black solid:

• Cut 10 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut 8 strips into 8 (21/2" x 26") G strips. Set aside re­main­ing 2 strips and ends of trimmed strips for bind­ing.

From tan print:

• Cut 2 (17" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut into 4 (17") A squares.

• Cut 1 (18" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut into 2 (18") C squares for place mat back­ing pieces.

• Cut 1 (14" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut into 1 (14") D square.

Com­plet­ing the Nap­kins

1. Pin and stitch two A squares right sides to­gether 1/4" from edges leav­ing a 3" open­ing on one side for turn­ing (Fig­ure 1).

2. Trim cor­ners at a di­ag­o­nal (Fig­ure 2). Turn right sides out, gen­tly push­ing cor­ners out.

3. Turn open­ing seam al­lowance to in­side and press edges flat. Hand­stitch open­ing closed.

4. Top­stitch 1/4" from edges all around to com­plete one nap­kin.

5. Re­peat all steps to make a se­cond nap­kin.

Com­plet­ing the Place Mats

1. Fold and press F strips wrong sides to­gether along length to make eight folded F strips.

2. To com­plete one place mat, se­lect one B square, four folded F strips and four G strips.

3. Pin and baste an F strip to op­po­site sides of B match­ing raw edges. Trim ex­cess at ends.

4. Fold both ends of the two re­main­ing folded F strips at a 45-de­gree an­gle re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 3a; press.

5. Baste the two an­gled F strips to top and bot­tom of the B-F unit, match­ing raw edges and over­lap­ping F side strips as shown in Fig­ure 3b.

6. Cen­ter and sew a G strip to each side of the B-F unit, mi­ter­ing cor­ners re­fer­ring to Mitered Bor­ders in­struc­tions on page 105, to com­plete the place mat top.

7. Layer, quilt and bind us­ing a C back­ing piece, 18" square bat­ting and re­main­der of black solid strips to com­plete one place mat re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 124.

8. Re­peat steps 2–7 to com­plete a se­cond place mat.

Com­plet­ing the Cheese Tray

1. Fuse D and E to op­po­site sides of Craf-Tex square fol­low­ing man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

2. Trim fused square to 13" square.

3. Draw a line 21/2" from all sides on D side of fused square with fab­ric mark­ing pen to mark a cen­ter square re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 4.

4. Make a cor­ner cut­ting tem­plate us­ing the pat­tern pro­vided on page 105. Trace around tem­plate in one cor­ner of the fused square as shown in Fig­ure 5 and cut on traced lines. Re­peat on all cor­ners.

5. Satin-stitch along the drawn cen­ter square lines (Fig­ure 6).

6. Satin-stitch over edges of fused square so that stitch­ing en­closes raw edge.

7. Match edges of cutout cor­ners and satin-stitch to­gether mak­ing sides of tray to fin­ish (Fig­ure 7).

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